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Peace advocate outlines challenge’s

The Executive Director of Liberia Peace-building Office, Edward Mulbah, has outlined progress made over the years to address the root causes of the 14-year civil crisis in Liberia.

According to Mulbah, there were still challenges of land property conflicts all over the country, corruption, unemployment- especially among the youth, perceived marginalization of minority group, as well as the challenge to implement certain aspects of the TRC recommendations.

He said there were also structural challenges – all of which undermine the attainment of durable peace.  He, however, indicated that there has been some progress to develop frameworks, structures and systems to address some of such challenges.

Serving as Keynote Speaker at the International Day of Peace on Wednesday, Mr. Mulbah said maintaining peace and security was the absolute responsibility of all Liberians, emphasizing that there can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development.

He also noted that peace was not just the absence of weapons or the silence of guns, but building the Liberian society in which Liberians live free from poverty, as well as share the benefits of prosperity and growth.

According to the Liberia Peace-building Office Executive Director, if Liberians continue to compete over limited resources, power, and marginalize people, and do not ensure that they are not leaving out others, including women and girls, people living with disabilities, the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs will truly be a building block for peace.

He urged the young people to exercise patience and tolerant, as well as join them to work for peace, and let the government and partners do more for peace and encourage them towards non-violent approach to the resolution of conflicts.

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He also admonished all Liberians at home and abroad to recognize every time for peace to reject violence, promote human rights and celebrate Liberian women and girls. For then at the Liberia Peace-Building Office, he noted, they would continue to work with all in the common cause to realize their shared aspirations for dignity, inclusiveness, peaceful elections, security and opportunity for all.

By Bridgett Milton 

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