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Pearls of Wisdom – Humanity and Art

When interacting with others always regard whatever pleases and displeases yourself as the measure. Desire for others what your own ego desires and do not or get that whatever conduct displeases you will displease others. If you do this you will be safe not only from misconduct and bad behavior but also from hurting others.

Considering that favors received make you feel a liking affection and attachment for those who bestowed the favor upon you should understand how to make others like you and feel affection and attachment for you. It is said that “people are the slaves of the favors done to them.” Therefore doing others a favor and being good to them is a reliable defense against any harm that may come from them.

Maturity and perfection of spirit is being just in your treatment of others especially with those who have done you an injustice. Answer their evil with good. Do not stop doing good  even to those who have harmed you. Rather treat them with humanity and nobility for harming someone is brutish behavior. Returning evil with evil implies a deficiency in character; returning good for evil is nobility.

There is no limit to doing good to others. Those who have dedicated themselves to the good of humanity can be so altruistic that they will even sacrifice their lives for others. However such altruism is a great virtue only if it originates in sincerity and purity of intention and if it does not define the “others” by racial preferences.

Our humanity and nobility are directly proportional to our closeness to our friends and our maintenance of these friendships. Talking of nobility and kindness without expressing warmth and intimacy in relationships is mere assertion. Doing good in return only for good received or sometimes ceasing to do good to others in order to punish them implies moral imperfection and immaturity.

It is a sign of great generosity and goodness to others if you ignore some of their faults, improprieties or bad manners and tolerate their imperfections. Prying into others’ affairs and finding fault is rude and uncivil and publicizing such affairs is unforgivable.

Declaring them to the other’s face is a severe blow to the bonds of unity between people a blow from which sadly it is almost impossible for friendship to recover fully.

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Those who regard even the greatest good they have done for others as insignificant while greatly appreciating even the least favor done to themselves are perfected ones who have acquired the Divine standards of behavior and found peace in their conscience. Such individuals never remind others of the good they have done for them and never complain when others appear to be indifferent to them.

Art is the spirit of progress and one of the most important means of developing emotions. Those who cannot make use of this means are unfortunate indeed and live a numbed diminished life.

Art is like a magical key that opens hidden treasures. Behind the doors it opens are ideas embodied and imaginings given substantial form.

It is art which inspires human beings to travel in the depths of oceans and heavens. By means of art humanity sets sail for the outer limits of the Earth and sky and reaches feelings beyond time and space.

Art shows human sentiments and feelings the highest goals and incites sensitive souls to profound depths. But for art we would have seen no beauty in the realm of existence where humanity is allowed to act and all those great abilities and the works they have produced wouldn’t have been able to come to surface.

It is art which manifests and defines the power and deepest potentials of the human psyche and soul. It is by means of art that the most profound emotions and thoughts the most striking observations and discoveries and the most heart-felt desires have been preserved as if recorded on a tape and gained eternity.

It was by means of art combined with faith that with its most magnificent places of worships lender minarets pointing to the realms beyond sacred designs and intricate patterns carved in marble each of which served as a distinct message diverse kinds of calligraphy brilliant gildings and embroideries as beautiful and fine as butterfly wings this once magnificent world of Islam became a gallery of invaluable beauty.

True knowledge shows itself through art. If one has never produced anything in the name of art how can we say that he or she knows very much?

The vitality of a person’s natural capabilities is closely related to the artistic spirit. One devoid of the spirit of art may be regarded as little different from a corpse.

Art makes iron more valuable than gold and copper more valuable than bronze. Thanks to art the most worthless metals become more valuable than gold, silver and diamonds.

It is the same whether one without the spirit of art exists or not. Such people comprise crowds that are of no benefit and might even actually harmful to themselves, their families and their nations.

All the fine arts are eternal gifts of blessed souls of humanity. The products of technology combined with the spirit of art clocks telling us the time; glasses to compensate or correct weakened sight; telecommunicative devices that shrink space conveying sounds and images over unbelievable distances; trains, buses and planes that transport us from place to place all these tools and objects in use in ordinary life can be the work of and can inspire sensitive artistic souls.

M. FethullahGulen
Ä°s thinker, author, poet, opinion leader and one of the most influential scholars in the World today. His ideas have inspired millions to take part in a movement of intercultural and interfaith dialogue and educational activism, which produced hundreds of quality schools and dialogue organizations in more than 120 countries. Originating in Turkey but becoming increasingly transnational, the Gulen movement has represented novel approaches to the synthesis of faith reason, education, spirituality, an peaceful co-existence in the diverse societies.

For further reading and information : www.rumiforum.org  .www.fgulen.com

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