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Petition Disclaiming Dual Citizenship Amendment by House of Representative without Nativity Inputs

Mle Bedell


BIZ Liberia Enterprise

Development Researcher

Monrovia, Liberia


The Plenary

House of Senate

C/o Hon.Johnathan Boyle Charles Sogbie

Chairman on Information

Capital Building Offices

Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Plenary:

How can you accept to concur the amendment of a dual citizenship law of the country when the incomes of those Liberians living overseas are not going to be captured in a Country GDP? How can you amend a dual citizenship law just by the saying “once a Liberian is always a Liberian”.

You only amend when the vote in the referendum was close and you amend respecting the indigenous view and allowing their brothers from the diaspora to meet them face to face and appeal in a forum per county.

After the indigenous citizens per county rejected a dual citizenship referendum , the two Houses play the Coup D’ Princes with the Executive to sit still and allow a bigotry legal interpretation of a high court to go unchallenged (a court case that has been hanging for years with no ruling ) and now the lower House with an uninnovative lawmaker who has not proffered a single bill for youth empowerment and investment to help empower the lives of the natives in person of Hon. Acarus Gray has proffered an amendment to the alien and naturalization law which the House of Representatives endorsed without having any national consultative dialogue or open hearing on the matter.

In Canada for example, that Government has gone on to legislate certain universities and institutions and nativity before allowing for dual citizenship. The House of Representatives, we are led to believe, is appose to strong opinion on any matter that has cultural context implications for nativity and has a growing lack of understanding on the issues of politics and culture and how it can to be addressed concurrently.  For example, Tanzania parliamentarians are allowing the issues of dual citizenship to be a debate directly with the indigenous and their diaspora brothers through several dialogue and one dialogue is calling for a Dual Citizens Indeginacy Treaty.  Once a Liberian is never always a Liberian but once a via man is always a via man ; once a Gio man is always Gio Man and once  Bassa man is always a Bassa man and etc. Unlike the Executive which has now influenced members of the House of Representatives and they have entertained and attended several diaspora forums in Monrovia with the recent just concluded in November at the Centennial Pavilion where the President of Liberia was expected to make a statements.

The new amendments of the alien and naturalization law by the House of Representatives did not come out of a true debate from the citizens associations and the indigenous. According to the School of Law and Governance of the University of North Dakota, laws must be amended out of localize circumstantial needs. The House of Representatives we are led to believe is being driven and bewitched by materialistic theories that dual citizenship carries along cognizant of the petitioner who proffered the amendment of the alien and naturalization law of Liberia, Hon.Acarus Gray, portraying a picture of medical donation by a group of diaspora to a government clinic in his district.

We, the indigenous citizens, are going to be left in the middle bearing the true loyalty of the untainted Liberia nativity not traveling out of the borders of this country to pledge allegiance to any imperial power for economic gain. We, the natives are now going to be sitting in an isolated nativity chair and receiving the same per capital share in taxes and territorial benefits as those applying for a dual citizenship passport would.

We believe the House of Representatives has taken away the choice of the indigenous to form a quorum per counties and design a cultural context proposal for a no return negotiation for dual citizenship. For examples the Brexit referendum never had any clauses to amend any article or law. It only said vote Leave or Remain. That means the winning team which chose leave was now given an ultimatum to present a proposal to the British Parliament. The winning team presented proposals several times to the British Parliament and said proposal was refused and it was after a year before the proposal was accepted.

We believed that now it is clear that the natives won the referendum, the House of Senate must now communicate to the natives per counties to ask them to design their own proposal on how they think they can transfer some of their nativity back to their brothers in the diaspora. It will now be left with us who are championing this research to go to the counties and convene senior citizens and youth and women per districts in counties in separate forums to form a quorum and design a proposal that suits our cultural context interest. For example , one native said citizenship should be given at age 15 to a Liberian who born by a non-Liberian ( Lebanese) if both are living in Liberia if and only if the child lives with a third party foster relatives and the child never travelled away to his paternal home with his father .  Said they claim will ensure that the child is not oriented into a wrong culture living with his father. Another view said Liberian living oversea can receive an automatic citizenship if and only if they signed to a treaty of compromise that make them agree to a 10 percent remittances deductions from all remittances transaction and said money must now go to the counties who will take a loan collectively to support their boom town agriculture investment initiatives per counties and infrastructure projects that will develop rural lands. Said money they claim must now be void of any Government of Liberia meddling.

Let the of House of Representatives be mindful that the conversation of nativity self-governance and dominance of territorial lands predates the constitution. Before there was a constitution, there was a Maryland in Africa and Mississippi in Africa and Neimbaa in Africa and Cape Du Mont. The House of Senate as elders must now revert to the counties to ask them to present one proposals per county on the matter with representative of each clan signing.

We are led to believed that the current amendments to the alien and naturalization law now open a floodgates of the quest to secure a Liberia passport as a way to boost the current domestic revenue mobilization strategy which first priority is to pay international debts and salaries arrears and which does not take into consideration any termination policies promised assurance to the natives. For example, every US citizen must report home in the United States every six months.

We pray the House of Senate to look into these and allow the citizens per counties to form a quorum on the matter.

We are copying this communication to a university in the USA called Watson Institute Social Enterprise Development Program which is mentoring our universities research initiatives.

Please let us hear from you. This letter is a form of information query and we pray you Hon.Sogbie to grant us the opportunity to make presentation to Plenary while the document is being read.


Mle Bedell

Cc: Roselyn Suakoko Dennis

        Chairman on Claims and Petition

        House of Representatives


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