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Pharmacist warns against abuse of alcohol

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A Liberian pharmacist Archie Kromah has warned Liberians against the abuse and usage of alcohol, saying the overuse of alcohol causes a lot of problems in the human bodies.

Speaking on UNMIL Radio Tuesday, 19 September Mr. Kromah said too much of alcohol causes enlarged heart which interferes with the coordination of speech and affects the memory. According to Mr. Kromah, abuse of alcohol damages the nerves system, increases pressure and leads to so many sicknesses that are not known to people.

He pleads with Liberians not to drink alcohol excessively, saying alcohol abuse causes a lot of health complications and undermines productivity. According to Mr. Kromah, a huge quantity of alcohol in the system especially in men can cause lack of production and liver problem.

Meanwhile, he warns pregnant women not to drink alcohol because it is dangerous to the unborn children and results to giving birth to deformed children. “Most Pregnant women believe that Stout gives them more blood and it is helpful for the child. They are harming that unborn child. There are so many medicines they can take for blood without including alcohol, to save the child’s life,” he conclude.

By Ethel A. Tweh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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