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PHP residents laud Simeon Freeman

PHP Community in Central Monrovia

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Several residents of the PHP Community in Central Monrovia have lauded opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) leader Mr. Semon Freeman for an ongoing construction of a drainage system in their community. 

Dozens of residents of the PHP Community on Thursday, 18 May 2023, praised Mr. Freeman for the ongoing project, terming it as timely and life-saving. 

The residents said the construction of the drainage system is an initiative that will never be forgotten because Mr. Freeman is saving them from flooding and restoring good health.

The presidential hopeful has embarked on the construction of a modern drainage and systematic waste management system in the PHP Community in Central Monrovia. 

The initiative is intended to save the community from flooding during the rainy season and other sickness.

Mr. Freeman was seen in the PHP Community with several youths reconstructing a better drainage system to improve sanitation and the health of residents. 

The MPC political leader was wearing a green life jacket, had a shovel, and actively worked with the young people. 

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Mr. Freeman and his entourage were escorted by residents of the community in jubilation and excitement.

They sang “Mr. Freeman thanks, it’s you we want. You have saved us from water and restored good health.” 

Speaking in an interview with journalists following a tour of the project, Mr. Freeman said the last time he was in the PHP Community, residents of the community asked him to help them to open their major drainage. 

He said the residents told him that whenever it’s in the rainy season, their community gets flooded due to poor drainage systems.

“This construction work is based on the request of the citizens. They told me [in] person about the health challenges they are experiencing during this time because of the poor drainage system,” said Mr. Freeman. 

Most of the time, he said, their children and even the elderly, are affected with malaria and other preventable illnesses because of the water and poor sanitation system.

Mr. Freeman noted that citizens told him that during the rainy season, their community gets flooded and they do not have restrooms.

“Am called here today because the people want me to help them. That’s why I’m [in] this community to see how best we can make our meaningful contribution to society.”

“They are going to modernize the drainage that is put at the cost of 4,000 USD,” he said.

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