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Physically challenged people demand inclusion

People living with disabilities in Liberia are demanding inclusion in the governing process of the State. According to them, they have contributions to make in society and want the Government of Liberia to include them in the country’s workforce.

The national vice chair for the National Commission on Disabilities or NCD, Fallah Boima says, persons with disabilities have their own contributions to make in society.

“We are calling on the national government to include us in their work plans for the country, we might be disabled, but we have our own skills that we can contribute for the development of our country,” he underscores.

Speaking here Monday, 19 June at the opening of a two-day UNDP-sponsored validation workshop on the national action plan for the inclusion of persons with disabilities at a local hotel in Monrovia, Boima lauds UNDP for putting in place the national action plan that would include people with disabilities in the national workforce and planning process.

The national action plan for the inclusion of persons with disabilities aims at promoting an inclusive society where people with disabilities can reach their full potential and participate in everyday’s life in their communities.

The plan recognizes that disability is an issue impacting all aspects of the Liberian society, and the Government of Liberia values all its citizens, and is committed to promoting inclusion of persons with disabilities in public services and private enterprise.

Also speaking at the opening of the workshop, UNDP team leader for governance and public institution pillar, James Monibah, pledges the UN agency’s support in promoting the agenda of people with disabilities across the country.

“With the National Action Plan to implement the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, the Government of Liberia is setting a process in motion which will exert a major influence throughout the next five years, not only on the lives of persons with disabilities, but on all citizens of Liberia,” he concludes.

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Under its pro poor agenda, the government has committed to prioritizing, among others, persons with disabilities and older adults with the intent of shaping the mindset and culture of all people in building a stronger and more diverse society.The Government of Liberia has a national body, Group of 77 supervised by the First Lady of Liberia that caters to people living with disabilities in the country.

By Ethel A. Tweh

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