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Pleebo marketers angry with wholesalers

Marketers in Pleebo, Maryland County are angry with shopkeepers for engaging in retailing. Speaking in an interview with this paper at the newly constructed Pleebo General Market building in Zone #3 on Tuesday, November 10, marketers in separate comments said the modern market has brought relief to them in the county but the government needs to prevail on shop owners to desist from both wholesale and retailing at the same time.

One female marketer, Agnes Weah, said the act of shop owners involving in wholesale and retail poses serious threat to petty traders.

Agnes lamented that since they moved in the newly constructed market, they have faced serious completion from shop owners, causing them to suffer drop in sales and loss of profit. She blamed government for not doing much to control rice dealers and owners of shops from retailing and wholesale.

Agnes noted that it is so difficult to be in business completion with someone who has such advantage saying, “How can we be in such a business in the county? We buy wholesale to sell for little profits and those that we are buying from to sell are also joining us to sell as retailers; how can government allows such a thing to happen.”

Another marketer, Theresa Wleh, a resident of Pleebo, regretted the situation, while her colleague, Annie B. Brown, disclosed that this has been a long-time problem.

Theresa narrated that during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, they made several appeals to local government officials for intervention, but the situation still persists. “What do you think will be done now my son, from President Ellen time we talked; nothing, do you think things can change now?” She asked.

Both women, including other marketers at the Pleebo General Market are calling on the Weah administration to prevail on shop owners to desist from retailing, as this is undermining their survival.

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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