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Plot to remove Speaker?

Amid speculations about ongoing plot in the House to unseat Speaker Bhofal Chambers for alleged poor managerial skills, the media advisor to the Speaker, Bobby Addison confirms to this paper that there is internal plot to remove the speaker.

Speaking to the NEWDAWN Tuesday morning 4 September via mobile phone, Addison, who tried to clarify a story published in the paper under the banner ‘Stinks take over House’ advised the New Dawn Management not to be used, as some lawmakers are seeking the removal of Speaker Chambers, his boss.

Chambers, who had been a strong critic of the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and ex-Speaker Alex Tyler on governance, corruption, uncontrollable waste of state’s resources, among others, has himself come under increased criticism, including his recent opposition to calls for the establishment of war crimes court for Liberia.

Due to poor maintenance of toilets at the House, all such facilities there have remained closed about a week, owing to their unhealthy condition.

The Maryland County Representative, who had previously campaigned for the coming of war crimes court, is now instead, calling for retroactive justice.

He decried waste of state’s resources during the administration of Madam Sirleaf, but since his ascendency to the Office of Speaker, his official motorcade and pilot car are never off from his arrival at the Capitol till departure after working hours.

In the Tuesday’s edition of this paper, it was reported that smell of bathrooms at the House of Representatives and their continued closure has claimed the attention of some lawmakers and visitors.

The offensive smell of the bathrooms is due to lack of proper maintenance, and has become topic for discussion on Capitol Hill.

Last Thursday, August 30, lawmakers who had gone to session could not use the bathrooms attached to the plenary of the House of Representatives, as some were seen using the bathrooms in the Liberian Senate instead.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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