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PLP Cassell blames it all on Weah

The political leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, says the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led-government of President George Manneh Weah is callously insensitive to the plights of the masses due to its alleged failure to adequately tackle and address the barrage of challenges confronting the nation and its citizenry.

“The government is callously insensitive to the plight of its people. While poverty is skyrocketing and extreme hunger and curable diseases are painfully decimating the precious lives of our people by the day, the “Governors” of our country are acquiring luxurious condos, exotic homes, expensive vehicles, flying private jets, and living garishly,” said Dr. Cassell Sunday, 17 October in Monrovia.

Speaking at thanksgiving and honoring service at the First Presbyterian Church Sunday, Dr. Cassell observed that Liberia is currently on the wrong trajectory as evidenced by the government’s failure to address extreme hunger, poverty, and the growing wave of corruption in the public sector.

He said many public officials continue to acquire ill-gotten and unexplained wealth, while the vast majority of the Liberian people continue to linger behind in poverty.

He maintained that “corruption is excessive to the core and seems institutionalized by the very people who are ruling over the nation.”

He indicated that it is appalling that while teachers, nurses, police, army, and regular civil servants are grossly underpaid and cruelly subjected to massive salary cuts under the guise of the infamous “Harmonization Scheme,” officials across all branches of the Liberian government are handsomely paid and given “grandiose benefits in addition to their huge salaries.”

“Brethren in the Lord, how can we claim to be a nation built or fashioned on Christian or Godly principles yet be wicked to each other? How can God bless Liberia so abundantly in natural resources, yet its people are ranked amongst the poorest in the world?” he pondered.

“How can we fight a brutal civil war for fifteen unbroken years—in which 250, 000 of our compatriots were murdered in cold blood and the infrastructure of the country tragically destroyed, and yet we are still perpetuating the same evil vices and anomalies that plunged our country into the bloodbath that began in 1989?” he continued.

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The opposition leader observed that in present-day Liberia, the barbaric act of ritualistic killings has become pervasive and is capturing the news headlines.

According to him, hate, malice, division, exclusion, and vicious witch-hunting have sadly replaced love, unity, togetherness, peace, and tranquility in Liberia today. Dr. Cassell pointed out that Liberia and its citizens remain faced with multiple problems and challenges because God’s wrath has fallen upon the country due to sheer wickedness and other negative vices in the land.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/plp-cassell-trade-blames/

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