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PLP expels Chairman Paye and others

By Lewis S. Teh

The General Policy Commission (GPC) of the newly established People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has announced the immediate removal of three of its acting executives, including Acting Chairman Wilmot Paye for their alleged involvement in acts that the party says contravene its norms, bylaws, and constitution.

Mr. Paye had earlier been removed as chairman of the ex-ruling Unity Party (UP) in 2019 for policy difference, a decision that he challenged in court, but lost. 

However, the PLP addressing a news conference at its headquarters in Congo Town Tuesday, August 17, 2021, said the GPC is the highest decision-making body, which comprises of its Executive Members, so the decision taken is final.

Reading a statement on behalf of the GPC, Assistant Secretary-General for Press and Public Affairs Stephen Vorkpor named those expelled as Acting Chairman Wilmot Paye, Mr. Henry Sackie, former Vice Chairman for Political Affairs, and Mr. Kansualism Kansuah, former Secretary-General, respectively of the party.

Vorkpor narrates: “Mr. Paye was removed following thorough investigations into a countless number of complaints brought against him by some members of the GPC and other local county officials of the party, and for grossly violating the constitutional rights of several members of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) serving in leadership positions across several counties.”

He says findings of the GPC’s investigation into those complaints filed against Mr. Paye include poor handling of a previous conflict between the Acting Montserrado County Youth Assembly Chairman-Trokon George and the Montserrado County Chairman-Rueben Washington, without proper investigation and recommendation to the GPC for action.

He continues that Mr. Paye singlehandedly proceeded and discriminatorily recalled the inducted Acting Montserrado County Youth Assembly Chairman Mr. George and replaced him with a member outside of the Montserrado County Youth Assembly leadership structure, who is a district coordinator that holds a key position in the current government.

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“It was also established and confirmed that Mr. Paye directly instructed and authorized the Acting Montserrado County Chairman Washington to replace the entire leadership structure of the Montserrado County Youth Assembly with unknown members who have not been vetted and approved by the GPC”, he says.

According to him,  the GPC found those multiple defaming, undermining, and derogatory comments made against the Political Leader of the party Dr. Daniel Cassell as not only divisive, undermining, and condescending, but also grossly disrespectful and contrary to the core values of the People’s Liberation Party.

As for Mr. Kansualism Knasuah, Vorkpor explains that having reviewed his TOR, the GPC with immediate effect relieved Mr. Kansuah of his post for engaging, recruiting, and placing members of the party in leadership positions across several counties, including Bong, Montserrado, etc., without complying with guidelines of the GPC in vetting and approving those candidates.

 “Mr. Kansuah continuously violated this component of the constitution despite a “Cease and Desist” warning, subsequently resulting to conflicts and instabilities regarding structuring our leadership across those counties in accordance with the PLP’s Bylaws and Constitutions.”

He says in keeping with his Term of Reference, Mr. Kansuah grossly deviated and poorly performed during the period under review as far as the GPC is concerned.

He recalls that on August 10, 2021, Mr. Paye allegedly instructed the National Youth Assembly Chairman, Mr. Carlos Edison Tingban to form a specialized military brigade auxiliary group comprising of over 200 individuals with notorious backgrounds for the sole purpose of carrying out his(Paye’s) personal agenda and creating similar and more severe insurrection and instability within the party.

According to the Assistant Secretary-General for Press and Public Affairs, the GPC observed non-compliance and lukewarm posture and attitude by the pair towards the implementation of the Term of Reference of Mr. Henry Sackie, the expelled Acting Vice Chairman for Political Affairs, noting that Sackie has dismally performed in using his office to politically move the party forward in keeping with the PLP’s by-laws and constitution.

Meanwhile, the PLP also announces the suspension of its youth chair Carlos Edison Tingban, for alleged fraud, abuse, and irresponsibility.

Vorkpor reveals that Mr. Edison recruited over 200 individuals with notorious backgrounds for the sole purpose of carrying out his personal agenda and creating similar and more severe insurrection and instability within the party without the consent of the Acting National Vice Chairman for Auxiliary Cherno Jalloh and the GPC.

The decision by the PLP followed influx or crossover of individuals from various political parties, immediately after the party was certificated early this year by the National Elections Commission as a registered political party.

Neither Mr. Paye nor the Political Leader Dr. Cassell has commented officially on the latest development. https://thenewdawnliberia.com/plp-vice-chair-weah-administration-has-failed/Editing by Jonathan Browne

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