Plywood Shortage Hits Monrovia

Investigations conducted by this paper has revealed that there is a serious shortage of plywood on the market in Monrovia. The absence of plywood is impeding the progress of many projects, including those being implemented by the government.

The situation is due to the monopoly presently enjoyed by the Fofana Quick Service Inc, the only importer of plywood in Liberia.  An employee of the business center, who refused to be named, told this paper that because of the recent change of government in neighboring Guinea was responsible for the plywood crisis in Liberia.

According to our source, currently, there is a serious restriction on the plywood factory in Guinea, which he did not also mention. Such restriction, the source said, was also affecting those exporting the product from that African country.

Many Liberians involved in construction works are presently in serious search of the product, but could not locate any due to the shortage. Kebbeh Morris, a retailer of plywood at the Johnson Street Rally Time Market, expressed serious disappointment over the shortage, adding that she has lost almost all of her plywood costumers.

According to her, she usually purchased the product from Fofana Quick Service Inc by whole sale and sells them by retail to her costumers. The Division of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has, however, confirmed the plywood shortage.

The Director, Eldred Liberty told the New Dawn that the ministry has not received any official complaint from importers about the shortage. He  also confirmed that the Fofana Quick Service Inc is presently, the only importer of plywood in Liberia.

He also noted that the Sethi Brothers and  Jetty Brothers Companies  were previously importers of plywood, but discontinued the trade because of the huge products imported by Fofana Quick Service Inc.  He, however, promised to engage the importer on the issue since the New Dawn has been able to engage the ministry on the matter.

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