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Talking About That Thing Called Love – Pt. I

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Some philosophers say it comes from God; others say God is it. Still, others say it’s part of man. But there are those who contend that it’s beyond man, although man has the ability to experience it.  I’m talking about that thing called LOVE. But this thing called love, in my opinion, is both quite difficult to rightly define and categorize.

The love that exists between a man and his wife, or a boy and his girlfriend, for example, is not the same as the one that exists between a mother and her daughter, or between two ordinary friends. This makes it even more difficult to define and categorize love. For instance, when a man tells a woman, “I love you,” one has the sense of the kind of love the man might be referring to by considering the relationship between the two. Is she his mother, his sister, his teacher, his schoolmate, his step-mother, his brother’s girlfriend, his friend’s girlfriend, his church member, or a girl from his neighborhood?

But, frankly, even knowing the relationship does not necessarily settle the case, because we all don’t always behave the same way. Some people have behavior that the majority may describe as strange. Why do I say this? Well, the type of love that should be directed at one’s girlfriend could be directed at one’s sibling or parent.

Indeed, love is hard to define, if not impossible to define. No wonder poets, secular philosophers, religious sages, and mankind in general, have tried over the years to investigate what love really is.  It’s also worth mentioning that the English language has scores of words that seek to indicate what love is.  This is way too much of a headache.

That’s why I’m not here to attempt to rightly define love.  I don’t even know if there’s anything called “the right definition of love.” I’ll only try to describe love, not attempt to define it. Forgive me, if you consider this a shortcoming on my part. But the truth is that I don’t really know what love is; however, I think I can try to tell you what love is like. Lend me your ears, folks.

I’ve lived for many days on the planet called earth. And, all these days, I’ve seen, observed and experienced many things about love – in the real world, in dreams and from literature. Believe me, my dear friends. Love can be described in several various ways.

I’ll tell you that love is like a door. It can be opened and be closed. This I’ve seen in life over and over and again. Trust me, folks. Love is like a door.

But if you were to ask me to say more, I’d say that love is like a river. You can fall into it. But you can swim to leave from there, or you can drown, depending on what’s in the river, your strength, ability and desire. This I’ve also observed in life. Believe me, readers. Love is like a river.

But, still, love is like fire. You can light it, and you can put it out. It can also put itself out. But, I must add, it has the power to burn you. This, life has shown to be true. Believe me, friends. Love is like fire.

I also think that love is like a seed. It can be sown, watered and given other essentials for it to grow. And it can actually grow. This I have investigated in life, and it has always proven to be true. Take it from me, dear friends. Love is like a seed.

Love is like a hot and delicious food. It’s delightful to the eyes; it can satisfy your hunger, but it can burn you, too. This has been experimented in life, and it’s found to be veracious. Hear me loud and clear, friends. Love is like a hot and delicious food.

Love is also like a road. You can walk it, but don’t forget that others will also walk this road, whether now or in the future. It was not built for you and you only. Life has taught this to be consistently true. Believe me, or not, love is like a road.

Love is like a key. You can use it to open things, but you can also use it to lock things. This I’ve tested again and again, and the same outcome is obtained. I know this quite well. Love is like a key.

Love is like the weather. It is not the same every time. I have learned this in life, and I believe it to be true. Leave it, or take it, love is like the weather.

But love is also like the wind. It does not always blow in one direction. It changes course. Life has proven this time and again, and so I believe it to be true. I am serious, folks. Love is like the wind.

Love is also like God. It can forgive and save you based on certain conditions,  but it can also reject and punish you based on other factors. I have seen this occur in life constantly. Listen to what I am saying, folks. Love is like God.

I can also be brave to say that love is like a commercial vehicle.  It is capable of taking other passengers who can afford its cost, whether now or in the future. Life has presented the reality of this situation consistently, and I believe it to be true. I am not kidding, folks. Love is like a commercial vehicle.

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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