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The Christian and African Vaccines

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You Beh-leh Protect Yourself

Every society has its own methods of protecting its people from infections and diseases, improving their health and protecting and prolonging their lives. Various substances are used, and various activities or practices are engaged in and so forth. The white man, for example, utilizes various types of vaccines.


What about Africa? Oh, well, there also are various forms of African vaccines and protection. In Liberia, for example, there are African vaccines against snake bites or venom (commonly called snake medicine), against skin cuts/piercing (commonly called knife proof), against gonorrhea, against bullets (commonly called gun proof), against car accident (prevents one from being a victim of a car accident, or makes him unharmed when the accident occurs), against food poisoning caused by bewitchment, against witchcraft, and so forth. Da na true my people?

However, there’s a problem here.  From my experience and knowledge, most white people and a lot of black people ridicule and denigrate African vaccines and forms of protection. Some don’t even know that there are African vaccines. Besides, most of these people don’t even try to delineate between questionable and unquestionable forms of African vaccines and protection. They do a blatant denunciation of all forms of African vaccines and protection. It angers me.

Their reason? Well, there are two, primarily. Firstly, most of these people reject or denounce African vaccines and forms of protection because, in their opinion, their use or administration is unscientific – not based on western definition and methodology of science. In other words, they contend that the process does not go through test-tube or laboratory techniques. Secondly, many believe that the use or administration of African vaccines and forms of protection is un-Christian and ungodly.

The argument is that once a person becomes a Christian, it’s God who’s his protection; hence, it’s wrong and un-Christian for the person to seek another protection besides God. If God’s our protection, they argue, why seek different protection? Why seek gun proof, snake medicine, knife proof and many, many other forms of protection? Most of these people are apt to quote Psalms 23, which is about the Lord being our shepherd.

Let me be repetitious here. The western world has various forms of vaccines and protection, including bullet-proof jackets and yellow fever vaccine – a vaccine that has a ten-year protective duration. But Africa also has its own forms of vaccines and protection, too, including bullet-proof clothing and protection against snake bites. They may also come in the form of finger rings, necklaces, bracelets, marks on the body and so forth. Don’t tell me that they are not good vaccines, or that I should not use them.

What’s interesting in this debate, however, is that the same people who talk about not seeking a different form of protection besides God are the very people who happily take yellow fever vaccine, who take their children for vaccine against measles, chicken pox, polio and so forth. These are the people who – I believe – would be happy to wear a bullet-proof jacket from America. If an AIDS vaccine were to be invented today, they would rush for it. If the white man were to invent a pill or a vaccine as a form of protection against snake bites, they would take it. These same people would be hot to accept a pill that would protect their body from bullets. They wouldn’t argue – I suppose – that since God is their protection, it would be un-Christian and ungodly for them to take a pill or vaccine that protected their body against bullets. Even all bishops and pastors and, I believe, the Pope would be the first to gladly take such a pill.

So, the question is not about whether it’s wrong for a Christian to seek, use or administer African vaccines and forms of protection because many think it is. The question, however, should be this: Is it right – or, rather, does it make sense – for people who reject and blatantly denounce all forms of African vaccines and protection to hail, embrace and use all western forms of vaccines and protection?

This is my take on the issue. Once the preparation, the use and the administration of African vaccines and forms of protection don’t involve consulting the dead and demonic spirits, ritualistic killings and the diabolic use of human blood and other satanic and fiendish practices, I don’t see anything wrong with the use of African vaccines and forms of protection.

Leave me alone. I like western vaccines, but I also like African vaccines. I want to take my Africa vaccines. I will happily take my African vaccine against snake-bites. I will take my African vaccine against gonorrhea vaccine. I will take my African vaccine against car accident. I will take my African vaccine against food poisoning. I will run for my gun proof. Leave me alone. I want my knife proof. African vaccines are stronger and long-lasting than western vaccines. African gonorrhea vaccine, for example, is forever. It is not like yellow fever vaccine that is for ten years. Please give me my African vaccines.

Ah, you-un wan’ protect yorsef? You say you are a Christina? You say you are a child of God? You say you are a qui boy or girl? You say you are an educated person? Yor looka bad luck-ey. Oh, wait-o. So you don’t want to take any African vaccines? I feel sorry for you. You beh-leh go for yor gun proof and your snake medicine. Da de one them we call African vaccine-o! you like it, Jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern. Da me say so.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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