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Points To Ponder – Who Like Sex More – Men or Women?

Yes, “Points To Ponder” turns it pondering head to the gender that loves sex more than the other. We all – that is, both men and women –  do this woman-and-man business. And no age group is exempt. Some old people are even more active than some of the young ones we see around here.

But the question is this: Which of the two groups loves this thing called sex more? On the question of whether a man or a woman likes sex more, from the surface, it is hard to say. Right in this city called Monrovia, for example, it seems men and women have equal number of partners. It appears no man can bluff any girl about having many girlfriends, because most of these girls also have multiple partners. If a man thinks he is good at womanizing, he should also think that girls are good at “manizing.” Yes, da my own word, but you know what it means. Not so? There are many manizers in this country called Liberia. Da na fi-yah comin’ from my mou’h.

I have heard a lot of girls tell their boyfriends, “If you turn stupid and love to any of my friends, I will also turn stupid and love to some of your friends. If you love to five girls outside, I will also love to five boys outside.” Hmm! When womanizing sees manizing, womanizing can sometimes hide. Da na bene seed poppin’ from my mou’h.

In fact, some girls right in this place called Monrovia have at least five boyfriends. Da na joke. When loving sees loving, loving can hide.

Now, let’s return to the original question. Who like sex more, men or women? I will talk it. I na scare. I think men like sex more than women like it. I can hear a man in Central Monrovia say, “Man, move from here, man. You know what you’re talking?”

Yeah, I know what I’m talking. Men like sex business more than women like it. Me! – I na scare seh. Let the men them go sue me. I say, they like sex business more than women like it. Why do I say this? Well, there are two reasons.

First, men are too hot for sex business. In other words, they are crazy for woman business. They are ready to have sex at any time and at any place. They don’t care. If men had their way, they would like to have sex with all the beautiful women that pass them by every time. The case of dry-face King David as it relates to what he did to Uriah’s wife Bathsheba comes to mind. Men go crazy when they see a woman’s butt. They go crazy when they see her breasts. They go crazy when they see her panties. My mou’h will talk it. I say, men are crazy for woman business, that is, for sex business. No wonder someone once told me in a dream that most part of man’s brain is about sex. Yes, let the men them sue me. Da me say so.

Second, there are more cases of polygyny (a man having many wives) than polyandry (a woman having many husbands). Men are so obsessed with this thing called sex that they invented a practice called polygamy, with its sub-branch called polygyny, having to do with men’s practice of the act. Some national leaders have more than one wife or partner. Charles Taylor and Jacob Zuma come to mind. Believe me, my people. Men like it more than women like it. There is the story of one other lover boy called Lamech, a man believed to be the first to have ever practiced polygamy, as recorded in Genesis Chapter 5. He had at least three wives. Men? You na able them when it comes to this woman business. Have you thought about men like King Solomon, who decided to make history by eating thousands of women in his life? The seven hundred wives and three hundred girlfriends mentioned in the Bible are just a tip of the iceberg. Yeah, Solomon really ate plenty of those women in his days-o. Anyway, like father like son. His father King David was another man who liked it, too. Two of them didn’t play in those days. Da na fi-yah comin’ from my mou’h.

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Da men like King David and his son King Solomon who spoil us like this. We are following their examples. No wonder most Liberian men have had sex with more than 100 women in their lives. As I write this article, there are some men who have at least seven girlfriends right in this city called Monrovia. Da me say so. My mou’h na scare seh.

So, who like this thing called sex more, men or women? Nobody will be allowed to put plaster to my mouth. I will talk. I will climb on Mt. Kilimanjaro and shout, saying: Da men like sex business more than women like it. You like it, Jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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