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Police arrest woman for burning child

Police in Pleebo Sodoken Statutory District, Maryland County have arrested a 25-year-old woman, Patience Doplah, for allegedly burning a girl about the age of seven. The defendant is aunt of the victim, only identified as Armah.

The victim narrates that she ate her aunt’s cold rice or kept food due to hunger, which was termed as theft. With tears in her eyes little Armah continues that her aunt placed her hands and feet in the fire for eating the rice.

The minor, presently at the Pleebo Health Center in Maryland, seeking medication, suffers serious burns on two of her left hand fingers that risk being amputated. According to a reliable source from the county, the incident transpired on January 2, 2018, but the aunt had allegedly been treating her secretly, but there was no improvement.

The situation was subsequently reported to the Liberia National Police headquarters in Pleebo city by community dwellers.Defendant Patience Dolah, who is presently in police custody, denies any wrong doing, arguing that her daughter burned herself while trying to get water on the fire for bathing.

But the Independent Human Rights Commissioner for Maryland County Boniface Nyema, vows to closely follow the case to ensure that proper investigation is conducted in establishing what led to the child’s dangerous condition.

The victim is in serious pain and is calling for assistance when her left fingers are all gone already. If nothing were done, she might lose the right fingers and becomes completely paralyzed.

Residents of Pleebo are calling on the police to conduct thorough investigation to establish circumstances that led to the girl’s plight.“I condemn this evil act, I am so sorry little girl, I can really feel your pains right now”, laments Charles Nah Klah, a social media beneficiary.

Some of those, who spoke to our Bong County Correspondent via mobile, expressed sorrow over the situation and called on the police to immediately bring the perpetrator to justice.

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By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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