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Police charge woman

-for slapping CDC partisan

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The Liberia National Police (LNP) has investigated and forwarded a lady believed to be a member of the former ruling Unity Party for allegedly slapping a retired American soldier, who recently declared his membership for the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

According to Police charge sheet, Peaches Johnson popularly known as “Queen” has violated the law of Liberia and is immediately charged with Disorderly Conduct and Simple Assault, both charges bailable under the law.

“That in violation of Chapter 17, Section 17.3 and Chapter 14, Section 14.21 of the revised Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia, defendant Peaches Johnson, aka ‘Queen’, was arrested and acquainted with her Constitutional rights, investigated and charged with the offence simple assault for purposely and intentionally hitting to effectuate injury on the person of Wendell M. Sailey, an American and social justice advocate, during an anti-rape campaigners protest at Sinkor, Fish Market on August 24, 2020 during the day light time,” the LNP details.

According to the Police, information revealed that during the fateful day of the anti-rape campaigners gathering in Fish Market community, complainant Sailey took to the podium to speak to the gathering about some mishaps he observed that was taking place at the protest ground.

The Police continue that just within that time Mr. Sailey was slapped and shoved by suspect Peaches ‘Queen’ Johnson at which time the complainant lost balance and went almost to fall but he was prevented from falling by some members of the gathering.

The LNP explains that the moment Ms. Johnson carried on the act, she immediately absconded, leaving the victim in pains and psychological trauma, pointing that Mr. Sailey was immediately admitted and treated at Benson’s Hospital in Paynesville, Montserrado County and later discharged.

“During the course of the investigation which was conducted to determine what actually led to the assault against the victim, detail investigation and information revealed that at the gathering of the anti-rape campaigners protests, there was no misunderstanding to have existed between the complainant, and suspect Johnson chose of her own ego and attacked the victim to cause an unwarranted disturbance at such a public gathering and believed that she wouldn’t be touch for her action,” the Police disclosed.

The LNP disclosed further that during investigation and interview with the suspect, Peaches Queen Johnson decided to remain silent until her lawyer was present, narrating that the investigators visited the Benson Hospital and obtained medical report for the treatment which Mr. Sailey underwent.
It noted that investigators obtained a footage evidence of the hit against the complainant Mr. Sailey by suspect Peaches Queen Johnson, while both of them were in attending the anti-rape protests.

The CSD investigation, said having analyzed the records of the case file, followed by the medical report and footage evidence, established that indeed, the crimes of Disorderly Conduct and Simple Assault were committed by defendant Peaches Queen Johnson against the complainant Mr. Wendell M. Sailey.

“In view of the foregoing facts and circumstances, coupled with evidence adduced, this investigation has resolved to charge suspect Peaches Johnson aka “Queen” (defendant) with Disorderly Conduct and Simple Assault, to be forwarded to court for prosecution in violations of Chapter 17, Section 17.3 and Chapter 14, Section 14.21 of the revised Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia, pending court trial”, the Police charge sheet concludes.

By Ben P. Wesee–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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