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Police, Cllr. Scott to visit crime scene today

Police investigators along with former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott are expected to visit the crime scene days after the horrific incident at the latter’s home which left one of her daughters dead and others injured on Wednesday, February 22.

A planned visit at the scene of the incident was cut off over the weekend due to a mixed up in planning.

The scheduled visit to the crime scene today comes just days after Cllr. Scott and household honor a police invitation on Friday, March 3, to aid in their ongoing investigation.

The police meeting with Cllr. Scott and family members were held behind closed doors as details of the outcome are yet to be known to the press.

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What do we know?

On the night of February 22, 2023, the home of former Chief Justice Scott was reportedly attacked leaving one of her daughters dead and others injured. Her vehicle was said to have been ransacked.

The attack came after she had reported two previous waves of attacks on her home on February 8th and 9th.

Neighbors claimed to have heard screaming and called for police intervention, but to no avail.

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The police on Thursday, March 2, announced that it had invited several individuals including the former Chief Justice, occupants of the house at the time of the horrific incident to appear for questioning.

Those the police claimed to have invited included Cllr. Scott, Gertrude Newton, Rebecca Youdeh Wisner, and Alice Johnson to appear at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police in connection to the alleged armed robbery incident.

A threat by the police to take appropriate legal action through the court if these individuals failed to honor the invitation failed to materialize as the invitation was honored by the invitees.

Days earlier, police investigators questioned Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee and Monrovia City Police Deputy for Operation Varlee Telleh. Both men were linked to the incident by former Truth and Reconciliation Commission Chairman Jerome Verdier.

Their appearance came after domestic workers including security guards and contractors were questioned hours after the incident occurred.

The incident has left several talking points with legal minds debating the former Chief Justice’s refusal to directly speak to investigators.

What we don’t know?

What we don’t know as the investigation continues is whether the police have been able to gather fingerprints since the suspects were alleged to have vandalized Cllr. Scott’s vehicle.

The main suspect is yet to be identified by investigators, as police continue questioning people of interest to the investigation.

It is yet to be established if police have spoken to the other injured family members who are said to be undergoing treatment.

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