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Police conduct awareness on violent-free election

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The Liberia National Police has conducted one day awareness on violence free elections for motorcyclists in Pleebo, Maryland County Electoral district #2, ahead of the special senatorial election and national referendum in December.

The exercise held this week brought together commercial motorcyclists and the Police, including the Pleebo Police Commander, Mr. Lavish Toe.

Commander Toe said it’s important that motorcyclists benefit such for the awareness they may have interest in any of the candidates and political parties in the race, and they must be civil during campaign period. Official campaign should have started on October 10, 2020, but the National Elections Commission has placed a halt to all electoral activities, pending outcome of a Writ of Madamus filed to the Supreme Court by the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) to demand the NEC to clean up the Final Voter Roll as was earlier mandated by the High Court in 2017.

However, Commander Toe said avoiding conflict or confusion among citizens ahead of the election should first start with awareness or civic education, mainly for motorcyclists, due to distances they cover to accompany candidates during campaign.

He said in this critical time of Liberia’s democracy, citizens, including motorcyclists should get highly involved in preaching messages of peace and violent-freed election. “Let me encourage you, as you have gathered here to listen to this information of election violence, please serve as agents of change”, he urged.

“You know there are other places you guys can reach when each of you [are] in traffic, so we think the best ways to spread the messages is for you to start informing others what is meant by election violence because politicians will want to use you during this campaign period.”

Commander Toe reiterated that motorcyclists are the ones transporting citizens, including supporters of candidates to and fro, so they need to be educated on the danger of electoral violence during this critical time of the county’s fragile peace.

He promised the Liberia National Police continuous support to the electoral process in the county as citizens and candidates campaign and go to the poll on voting day, which is scheduled for December 8, 2020.
In response, head of the Pleebo District Motorcyclists Union lauded the Police for promoting unity in the district and the county at large.

Motorcyclist Morris Sinneh, President of the Pleebo District Motorcyclists Union said though the police are friends of citizens, including motorcyclists, both parties should always work together in maintaining peace.
He noted in time past, they were mostly referred to as rude, useless, arrogant and good for nothing just because of the job they to survive.

Morris then cautioned his colleagues to always respect the rule of law in seeking redress, while calling on the Police to be civil in addressing cases to avoid conflict.

By Patrick N. Mensah—Editing by Jonathan Browne

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