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Police confiscate vendors’ wares

The Monrovia City Police or MCP in collaboration with the Police Support Unit (PSU) on Monday July 18, 2016, confiscated huge goods from street vendors for selling in prohibited streets. The police yesterday launched a vigorous no-go-zone order in Broad, Ashman, Front, Randall and other streets for the entire festive season.

The confiscation of goods led some vendors being allegedly brutalized due to brawl with police. Our reporter who covered the police saw officers damaged goods of vendors, who violated the no-go-zone. Speaking to this paper during launch of the operation, Monrovia City Police Director Col. Richard Harris said, the confiscation of goods was predicated upon vendor’s failure to vacate earmarked streets after they were reportedly given prior notice to evacuate the streets.

According to Col. Harris, the launch of the operation is intended to clean Monrovia and its environs for the July 26 Independence festive seasons. He warned all street vendors to vacate prohibited streets for the entire festive season and avoid police confiscating their goods or failure to adhere, he said, without fear or favor, violators will feel the full weight of the law.

“We had informed them earlier to leave the streets these festive seasons, we designated Waterside Market, down Front Street, all other market halls, until otherwise ordered. Failure, goods will not just be confiscated but fined and goods arrested will not be returned,” he said.

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