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Police Dismiss Two Officers

The Administration of the Liberia National Police has dismissed two ofits officers and suspended additional seven officers for timeindefinite for their alleged involvement in various acts that runcontrary to the police code of conduct.

Police Dismiss

Police Spokesman DCP., Sam K. Collins said the affected officers’conduct undermines the integrity of the Liberia National Police -something, he said, is considered prohibited by the policeadministration.

A police statement dated 18 September quoted DCP Collins as saying Patrolman William D.Z. Zubah and Patrol man TheophilusKarsaw were dismissed from the Police for desertion of post and constant harassment and extortion of money from members ofthe public.

Those suspended for time indefinite include Patrolman Joseph D.Paye, Patrolman Sam G. Tougbay, Patrolman ElijayVeselee and CivilianStaff Richard J. Taylor who has been purporting as a police officer.

But the police authorities said Inspectors James O. Kollie, Andy B.Blamo and Mohammed A. Sawrey were facing a month suspension with salarydeduction. The LNP release noted that the action of the affected officers violated Chapter iii Section 1.21 of the New Police Duty Manual “Captioned Prohibited Conduct.”

The men have been requested to turn over all properties of the Government of Liberia with in their possession and avoid identifying with the Police during the time of their dismissal and suspension,respectively.

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At the same time, the administration of the LNP has called on thepublic not to relent in reporting misconduct on the part of any police officer in their respective communities. The LNP Administration has also warned the public against interacting with the dismissed officers and those suspended regarding any police function.

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