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Police honor NewDawn staff reporter of the year

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The Press and Public Affairs Department of the Liberia National Police (LNP) has honored NewDawn’s Winston W. Parley as reporter of the year 2018/2019.The certificate of honor awarded to Mr. Parley at the Sophie Beach in Congo Town Saturday afternoon, 12 January, recognizes his contributions made to the Media Relations Section of the Press and Public Affairs Division of the LNP.

At the first year end party held by the police Community Outreach Section since its founding in 2004, Police Inspector General Col. Patrick Sudue and several counties and zones commanders were also honored for their exceptional performances.Mr. Parley is a copy editor at the NewDawn newspaper who also has reportorial duties covering the Executive Mansion, the LNP, Defense, and Judiciary, among others.

State broadcaster ELBC’s Fabine Kwiah was also honored in absentia.Following the event, Mr. Parley told the NewDawn how proud he is to be honored by the police.According to him, the recognition of his work by the police is very key in sending a message out there that “we need to embrace each other regardless of the profession we find ourselves in, once it serves to fight for the good of the society.”

“Without respect for the people’s right to know how our state institutions are functioning, some people would jump into conclusion that the journalists who ask the hard questions to get the truth are looking for trouble,” Mr. Parley observes.Awarding the certificates, Col. Patrick Sudue says the Press and Public Affairs of the Liberia National Police recognizes the work of Mr. Parley, wishing him a better 2019.

Col. Sudue remarks that he is most talked about in the media, both negative and positive, but argues that at no time did he attack the press for their criticisms.He thanks the press and their umbrella organization Press Union of Liberia (PUL) for their role, saying their criticisms have helped him to muster the courage to go back to the drawing board and do better.

According to Col. Sudue, the press is not “our enemy,” suggesting that if they speak negative of you, you can right the wrong.The police chief says gone are those days when the police were used to brutalize their own citizens, saying there is no political prisoner in jail and under his administration, the police have guarded demonstrations and protests without harassing anyone.He assures that the LNP today is a friendly force, and promises to do better than they did last year.

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