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Police release accident report at Sime Darby

Finally, the Liberia National Police along with other state security agencies that investigated an accident that resulted to death of at least one person at Sime Darby Plantation in Bomi County recently, has released its final report in the county, holding the driver of Sime Darby Plantation liable for the accident.

The accident resulted to the death of an employee, Odisa Kollie. The investigation, which lasted for several weeks, took the investigators to the accident scene, interviewed residents, other people who were called to the scene after the accident and workers representatives as well.

Speaking in Klay, Bomi County during a mass meeting with residents, family members of the deceased as well as workers on Saturday, April7, 2018, the Chief of Safety, Liberia National Police, Commissioner John Saah, explains that it was established that the death of Mr. Kollie was a result of accident. He narrates that when the accident occurred, the driver, Abraham Bah voluntarily reported himself to the police station.

“Our team visited the scene and our accident team investigated the matter. Also, our homicide team investigated the incident. It was later established that Mr. Kollie died of motor accident,” says Commissioner Saah.

He adds that the driver, who was involved in the accident, is in the custody of the police and would be charged formally and taken to court this week for prosecution in accordance with the law of the country.

But after the report, a number of people expressed concerns, saying that they believe Mr. Kollie was murdered. But the Chief investigator, who was born in Bomi, asked: “Is there anyone here who will come out to say that he or she was on the scene and they saw someone killed Mr. Kollie?” “Who here saw someone killed Mr. Kollie?” The entire meeting hall went quite. No one came out to testify.

At the end of the meeting, one of the citizens called on everyone, especially, family members of the deceased to remain calm saying, “If you are not satisfied with the report, let the family join me so we can challenge it in court. You have right to challenge it.”

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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