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Police seek US$ 6.34m loan for logistics

Liberia’s Police Chief, Col. Gregory Coleman, says the entity’s budget cannot address what is needed to restore order in the country.

By Lincoln G. Peters

Monrovia, May 21, 2024: The Liberia National Police (LNP) has submitted a loan agreement to the Ministry of Finance valued at US$6.34 million.

The loan, submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, is intended to strengthen the LNP’s transportation and logistical capacity.

It is being negotiated and reviewed by the Debt Committee at the Ministry of Finance. The government has approved US$3 million for the LNP.

Speaking on the Spoon Midnight Conversation, Police Inspector General Col. Gregory O. W. Coleman said the police’s budget cannot address what is needed to restore order in Liberia.

Coleman argued that police presence needs to be felt all over the country.

Of the US$3m approved in the budget for the police, Col. Coleman disclosed that over US$2 million will go toward salary payment, while the rest will not even be able to address the logistical challenge of the LNP.

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Col. Coleman stated that the police have submitted the loan agreement to the Ministry of Finance, where it is being reviewed following a team’s assessment of Liberia’s transport terrain.

“I’m not borrowing US$ 6.34. Rather, there is an ongoing deal with the Government of Liberia for the Liberia National Police to receive a transportation package valued around that amount,” Col. Coleman explained. 

“The package is around six points, which is something million. The loan was presented to the government by the Liberia National Police, and the debt Committee is reviewing it,” he noted.

“When it’s approved, the government will be paying 15% of the amount, and the rest will be payable over five years’’ Col. Coleman noted.

He clarified that the LNP will not receive any money; the Ministry of Finance will go through all the requirements, including the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC) process, and present the package to the LNP.

The police chief suggested that the technical information regarding the funds should be directed to the Debt Committee of the Ministry of Finance because the LNP is not receiving the funds.

Justifying the loan agreement and why the police didn’t include it in the National Budget, IGP Coleman said they did a full risk analysis of Liberia’s current state and what it needs to address its challenges and restore law, order, and safety.

According to the police chief, if the money is in the budget, the government would not be able to afford it, thus prompting the police to consider private investment.

“I can’t speak to the document further because it is self-explanatory as it provides a detail about the loan…,” he said.

“The amount of US$6.34 includes the loan and interest over the five years … It will reduce the interest if they put two million in the budget,” Col. Coleman noted.

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