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Police Tight-lipped on Darlington George

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Darlington victim Esther NDPolice authorities say they have concluded investigation into the brutality claim against dismissed Deputy Executive Protective Director Darlington George, but would not release its outcome to the public until the findings return from the Justice Ministry.

Following his dismissal in mid-September by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for violently brutalizing Ms. Esther Glain, the Justice Ministry turned Mr. George over to face police investigation. Mr. George lastly held the position fo Assistant Police Director for Operations before his appointment at the Executive Mansion as second-in-command in the VIP security service – the EPS. Deputy Police Spokesman Lewis Norman told reporters at the Police Central Headquarters Wednesday that investigators have submitted their findings to the LNP authorities, who will then submit same to the Justice Ministry.

Mr. Lewis said the Ministry will peruse the findings and return such to the Liberia National Police before becoming public information. Pressure has been mounting here against the security sector since the incident between victim Glain and Mr. George, especially at a time the government was preparing to take over State security in the wake of the drastic drawdown by UN Peacekeepers. The public has raised concerns about the fate of the ordinary Liberians upon the full departure of the United Nations Mission in Liberia, as worrying signs of alleged brutality and suspicions between citizens and state security operatives  on a daily basis.

By Winston W. Parley -Edited by George Barpeen

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