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Police vow use of firearms

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia

Police authorities are warning that “there will be fire for fire when shot at,” and vowed that the force will no longer be “sitting ducks” for criminals who are in the habit of shooting at the police.

Reading a prepared statement at Police Central Headquarters in Monrovia Monday, September 8, Director Chris Massaquoi warned parents, who he said are aiding the criminal behaviors of their children to warn them because “the police will not compromise the safety of the general public as well as officers.”

Under the national curfew imposed by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf due to the ravaging Ebola crisis here, uniform armed robbery is leaving Monrovia and surroundings in a state of fear, as residents hardly distinguish criminals from state securities during the night.

“There have been a number of reports of a group of individuals roaming around communities, especially the Paynesville community allegedly dressed in uniforms resembling those of the Liberia National Police,” said Mr. Massaquoi.

As it stands, the Police force is still in pursuit of several suspected armed robbers presently at-large include Lewis Kennedy, (alias Prof.), Kessely Mulbah, (alias Kizo), Partick Wah, (alias Color boy), Laso, to be identified, and Alieu, to be identified.

He continued that in order to address this issue, “we have met private security entities whose uniforms have similar to the LNP uniform to immediately desist from using them from now.” So far, the Police Chief says the private securities are cooperating, as they have begun holding discussions with some of the security entities concerned, saying “and the responses are favorable.

However, among the suspects being investigated by police is a Lebanese national Hichen Alkhatib, who is alleged to be a closed associate of two most wanted notorious armed robbers- Lasso and Alieu, and he allegedly supplied the green face mask used by Sam Dixion, alias ERU.

When the home of the Lebanese who police say is the proprietor of the “750 Shopping Center” located on Somalia Drive was consequently searched, Police said they retrieved additional five pieces of the identical green face mask seized from armed robbery suspect Sam Dixion, alias ERU.

On Monday, Mr. Massaquoi also announced the arrest of some of Liberia’s most notorious armed robbers, while displaying various kinds of dangerous weapons, to include arms and knives allegedly arrested with the suspects in a weekend police operation in Monrovia and environs. He named them as Ezekiel Mbelekel, Solomon Mbelekel, Isaiah, Mbelekel and Martin Suah.

Additionally, five notorious suspected armed robbers in persons of Prince Dennis, (alias Scorpion), Charles Jackson (alias Tony Parker), Ben Solo, (alias World Best), Sam Dixon, (alias ERU) and Aaron Clarke, (alias Result) have been arrested from Paynesville, Somalia Drive, and Gardnerville respectively.

A single barrel Pistol, cutlass, a toy gun (pistol), two pieces of Single barrel rounds, three pieces of pistol round, six pieces of green face mask,  two pieces of Chinese headlights and one long military trousers where some of the materials police said the arrested suspects used to perpetrate the crime.

Finally the police said they retrieved from the suspected robbers five pieces of Laptop Computers; three pieces of assorted cell phones; one white verbatim (computer accessory); one fit (mask); four Liberian Passports; two bank books; and two pieces of DVD Players.

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