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Police warned of drastic action

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia
Police Inspector General Col. Patrick Sudue has warned officers to stop beating and extorting money from people, informing them that the Liberia National Police (LNP) “will be intelligence – led” to get photo evidence of police misconduct.

“If you’re used to being in that habit of extorting money from people, beating on people, you need to stop. This organization will be intelligence – led from the Traffic Officer, Charge of Quarters Officer, we are having people that will take your pictures …,” Col. Sudue warned Monday, 2 April during a police assembly in Monrovia.

He says police authorities “will take drastic action” against officers that will be caught receiving bribes or demanding pay from complainants before handling their cases.

“That will not augur well for you, we will take drastic action. Please, traffic officers, stop putting your hands in the taxi driver’s car,” Col. Sudue continues, and urges officers to desist from stopping people unnecessarily, collecting their documents and taking cash from them.

Col. Sudue he says does not want to sign officers’ dismissals, but he equally calls upon them to work professionally. In a related development, Col. Sudue has informed riot officers from the Police Support Unit (PSU) and all other officers assigned at concession areas that he has recognized that the money they are being paid is small, thus promising to increase their pays.

Col. Sudue however notes that his administration will ensure that assignments at concession areas and banking institutions will be rotational. He promises to use the balance of the money he received from the concessions to upgrade the locker at LNP Central Headquarters to make it decent for officers to store their materials.

He concludes that he will also upgrade the conference hall at the elite Emergency Response Unit (ERU) base in Oldest Congo Town and replace the two tanks there with concrete buildings.

By Winston W. Parley

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