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Police, youth leaders commit to peace

The Liberia National Police (LNP) and political parties youth leaders under a group called “All Political Parties Youth Congress” have made commitments to supporting and maintaining peace and stability during and after the political seasons as a way of advancing Liberia’s democracy.

The police and parties youth leaders made their commitments Thursday, 23 November during a meeting held at the LNP Headquarters on Capitol Hill. The meeting was graced by River Gee County Senator Comany B. Wesseh, Police Inspector General Col. Gregory Coleman, his Deputy for Operation Col. Abraham Kromah and youth representatives from numerous political parties including the LP, ALP, RDC, CDC, MDR, ULD, UP, LPP, ANC, TWP, PUP, LRD and DJP, among others.

During the meeting, Police Chief Coleman said the body needs to stay together, work cohesively beyond party lines in the interest of the development of the youth for the protection of the peace and advancement of democracy here.

Col. Coleman says as long as the body stays together, he will continue to work with them and support or look around for support for initiatives the body decides to undertake in the interest of peace.

The police chief thanks the parties youth and extends thanks to their various parties leaderships for the manner in which they have steered the affairs of their followers and the respect they have shown for the rule of law.

He boosts the young people’s confidence that they can trust and work with each other to advance the peace and democracy of Liberia, noting that he serves as ambassador to where he sits as police chief and his being at the hierarchy of the police is peaceful.

Col. Coleman says the gathering of the political parties youth is to commit themselves not just as political parties, but as the youth of this country in the advancement of the peace.

The police chief notes that in time past, people would not just sit to watch the rule of law take place, giving the youth credit for such commitment shown over the past time.

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Earlier, River Gee County Senator Amb. Comany B. Wesseh encouraged the youth to continue to meet, saying all should try to work continuously for peace.

Sen. Wesseh says he is quite impressed by the intellectual prowess expressed by the political parties youth leaders, saying they are potentials of making things better.

Sen. Wesseh admonishes the youth that in carrying out their activities as political parties youth leaders, they must have back channels that could be their reliance in times of problems. In recognition of the importance of young people in a political party, Sen. Wesseh says no political party survives that does not have a strong youth wing.

He uses the meeting to give credit to President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf for entrusting power to many young people in a way that it was not done in the past. According to Sen. Wesseh, in the past positions like assistant ministers were given to people either with long experience or highly educated people with PhDs, among others.

Unlike those days, Sen. Wesseh says today college graduates are given such positions to supervise others.

On behalf of his colleagues, the Chairman of the All Political Parties Youth Congress Mr. Sampson H. Kamayan expressed appreciation to authorities at the Liberia National Police for the way things are now being conducted, saying it has not happened in Liberia’s history to see a police chief working with young people to find solution to situations in the country.

He notes that the youth cannot achieve their full potentials when they are in noise, saying the message they must have is to compete in ideas in a peaceful environment.

Mr. Kamayan notes that while the young people missed the opportunity in the past, they can still reclaim the future and assure their people that Liberia can be peaceful and stable society.

During separate comments from the floor, the parties youth leaders expressed hope that such interaction with the police will go beyond Monrovia and the election time as a way of maintaining the peace.

They expressed congratulations to Col. Coleman and his team of leaders at the LNP for their work, and promised to support the justice system by following the rule of law and not getting into the streets to solve their problems.

By Winston W. Parley

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