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Policy Recommendation – Motorbike Taxi Safety Attention:

Ministry of Transport
Liberia National Police
Road Safety Commission
Local Governments
Transport Unions

Dear Policymakers,

I am writing to recommend a motorbike taxi safetypolicy development. The motorbike taxi industry isnew and rapidly growing. The industry providesemployment opportunities in Liberia. It also plays an important role in the transportation sector.

Over the past few years, motorbike taxi related accident (severe injuries and death) has significantly increased. Road related accidents have far reaching and enduring impacts on families and communities. Research shows that serious injuries can create life-long difficulties and a range of costs, borne by the individual, their families and friends, their workplaces and communities.

Road safety is a critical issue in Liberia. It requires further public attention and action. Research shows government plays an important role in community and road safety. Therefore, in this policy brief, we would like to recommend a motorbike taxi safetypolicy development to help reduce motorcycle related accidents and reckless riding on our roads:

  1. Training – motoristsshould be required to undergo amandatory trafficand safety training. This should be followed by a road test to ensure traffic and safety rules are well understood and applied.
  2. Accreditation – relevant authorities should ensure only graduates from accredited training programsare given license to ride motorbike taxi.
  3. Fines -reckless riding and traffic violation(s)should carry big fines to help reduce motorbike taxi related accidents.
    I am a Liberian-Canadian based in Perth, Western Australia. I am a specialist in social planning and community development. I am campaigning for a zero motorbike taxi accident in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The aim of the campaign is to engage governments and community stakeholders to systematically cut down motorbike taxi accidents and reckless riding on our roads.

Please join the campaign for a zero motorbike taxi accidentin Liberia – Every life matters!
Thank you for your support and understanding.

Sincerely yours,
Musa V. Sheriff

Musa V. Sheriff
Perth, Western Australia
Email: Haidaramv@yahoo.com

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