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Political Hotfire

Political Hotfire: Is President Weah Sincere About Lifting Liberians Out of Poverty?

By Jones Mallay

When H.E. President Weah made his spectacular political inaugural proclamation on 22nd January 2018, the President definitively set the tone for his long-awaited Presidential trek.

The President did unravel multiple social, economic, and political packages, some were in different forms. But one particular phrase or flashpoint stocked in the ears of most Liberians at home and abroad. That phrase was: “Pro-Poor Government” In short, President Weah concluded from all intents and purposes that Liberians were submerged in acute poverty, as a savior, he came to lift Liberians out of perpetual poverty which Political Hot-Fire agrees with H.E. 100% this is because President Weah himself was once a direct victim of acute poverty.

Sources revealed that President Weah was born and raised in one of Liberia’s most deprived and impoverished communities infested with bush rats, terrible house mice, and dangerous cockroaches “The Clara-town slum.” The President is therefore not a stranger to acute poverty and suffering in Liberia. It was certainly because of President Weah’s impoverished past and painful upbringing down the line that provoked him to include this passage in his spectacular inaugural proclamation: “I believe that the most effective way to directly impact the poor and to narrow the gap between the rich and poor is to ensure that public resources do not end up in the pockets of government officials”- President Weah said. But up to present, a 16 billion fund had not been accounted for on his watch L and no government officials had been thrown in jail, how then, can President Weah justify his impressive inaugural passage? This too is political deception!

Four years on, according to one dependable source, President Weah no longer dwelled with rats, cockroaches, terrible mice, and giant ants warriors. The source revealed that President Weah currently lived in a concrete duplex, as he eats countless French rich sauces with American cheese and butter bread with Italian sugar for breakfast. For lunch, His Excellency will have Italian wrapped in bread, with French wine along with kebabs and Irish potatoes with meatballs along with spring mineral water to clean his chest after a delicious lunch while thousands of Liberians go hungry.

 For dinner, according to the source, the President is served regularly with the latest brand of rich medical-grade Uncle Ben long grain rice mixed with California vegetables, US-Idaho potatoes with French margarine with Jamaican Ackee and Codfish and Middle-Eastern crabs. The source went on to disclose that President Weah will then have for dessert a Danakil Ethiopia soft flavor colorful drink, purposely to put President Weah to sleep sooner rather than later while his top trusted six Ivorian and Senegalese body-guards keep awake watching him and at the same time keeping security surveillance the around the Liberian body-guards as well.

The impoverished conditions of Liberians who are still dwelling in Clara-town are symbolic of the impoverished condition of most Liberians across Liberia, yet 4-year on, President Weah had turned his blind eyes on the deplorable living conditions of Liberians dwelling in perpetual poverty. The CDC-led government has added to the impoverished status of most Liberians across Liberia.

The CDC-led government has allowed numerous avenues in society to make Liberian very, very poor. Most Liberian children, as well as adult Liberians, are virtually unable to have two square meals a day, as a result, some family members often starve for days. As a matter of fact, according to sources, most Liberian children died of starvation and acute hunger each day that passes-bye. For instance, hundreds and hundreds of government Civil Servants are often not paid for months to a year. How does Mr. President expect these types of folks to survive?

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Does President Weah know as a fact that Liberians are truly suffering after he experienced severe poverty down the line himself or has the President simply forgotten so soon due to the fact that he now resides in paradise? What is very sad is the fact that most decent married women had to engage in extramarital affairs around town simply to feed their children. Most students dropped out of school simply to sell or prostitute to feel their parents who are directly unemployed with no source of income. Others are simply not being paid for a protracted period under the CDC-led government.

President Weah’s grandioseness to vehemently lift Liberians out of poverty through his so-called Pro-Poor agenda and the launching of the “Recovery of Economic Activity for Liberian Informal Sector” acronym “REALISE” doesn’t by any iota of fact conveniently lined-up with the President’s political action to lift Liberians out of poverty. Conspicuously absent from President Weah’s ambitious inactive plan to bring economic redemption to Liberians in a pragmatic, concise, and clear vision is the President’s broad-day-light failure to first identify the root causes of poverty in Liberia.

President Weah’s fight against poverty cannot be realized until his CDC-led government comes out with a clear pragmatic, critical blueprint plan of action to deal with corruption. Corruption is a very big picture in this fight if President Weah is interested in finding some levels of solutions to poverty in Liberia.

If President Weah is sincere to reduce poverty in Liberia he must have the courage and the fortitude to identify corrupt officials persecute them before a non-corrupt court of competent jurisdiction, if found guilty they should be thrown in prisons for embezzlement, stealing, mismanagement of government funds and the President should go as far as retrieving all stolen wealth, confiscate them and distribute those stolen funds among poor Liberians across Liberia.

 It would be redundant for President Weah to put into motion small entrepreneur community-based projects, along with youth empowerment programs and the issuance of soft loans to small Liberian businesses when said groups or beneficiaries’ are themselves not transparent and accountable by any means of imagination. It is difficult if not impossible for any corrupt government to fight corruption.

Only non-corrupt governments can fight corruption in society, and the CDC-led government under H.E President Weah is very far from fighting corruption because the government itself is simply corrupt. It is sad when President Weah remarked: “I vowed to root out corruption.” Is President Weah truthful to his words as poverty ravaged the lives of Liberians across Liberia?

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