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Political Hotfire

The 54th Liberian Senate Is a National Embarrassment to Liberia’s Hard-Earned Political Pride

Cllr. NdubusiNwabudike’s counterfeit Liberian citizenship was not a political dilemma for him, it was rather a truthful predicament itself that lies squarely at the political domains of a traitorous and two-faced 54th Liberian Senate that bows in perpetual shame and contrition. It is believed that the sacred animating principle of any nation lies squarely in the hands of its elected representatives, and the 54th Liberian Senate is no exception. The strong 30-Liberian Senators demonstrated a sign of a much deeper betrayal of public trust coupled with a potential double standard in their patriotic functions and duties when they validated the human presence of Cllr. NdubusiNwabudike at the Capitol building.

The Senators when astray, confused and misguided in their patriotic functions or they had heedlessly taken permanent domicile in the pockets of Cllr. NdubusiNwabudike’s. It appears though the Senators are no longer interested in their sacred affidavit neither were they representing the very poor Liberians who voted them to the power that earned them an unthinkable nine-year term in public service. The Senators’ patriotism to Mama Liberia and the very poor Liberians who made the sacrifice to make them who they are today in power, is gradually beginning to disappear because of the type of decisions the Senators make in the 54th House of Senate.

The Senators’ political transactions in recent past surrounding Cllr. NdubusiNwabudike’s fiasco was not in total collaboration with their patriotic duties/responsibilities, policy orientation as law-mindedness state actors, and above all, the Senators’ lack of considerable patriotism and truthfulness to Mama Liberia from the moment they employed Cllr.

NdubusiNwabudike, a notoriously known Nigerian national who turned to be a fake naturalized Liberian citizen overnight, was overwhelmingly employed by the 54th Liberian Senate first, as Chairman of Good Governance Commission, and second, as head of Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, LACC. He was accidentally considered by the 54th Senate for a hearing as NEC chairman which wasn’t only devastatingly appalling, but a gross disgrace to the hard-earned political reputation of the 30-strong unpredictable Liberian Senators who will go down in history as a wretched ship.

Cllr. Nwabudike is still lining his deep pockets with Liberian taxpayers money as Chairman of LACC while the 30-Senators are rather sleeping in their SUV trucks, relaxing in their well air-conditioned offices, eating American sauces along with American burgers/hot-dogs and simultaneously zipping red French wine in their untouchable bungalows while this hardened sociopolitical double-minded international complex personality continues to invade the sacred soul of our nation by collecting hard taxpayer money to feed himself, his wife, children and loved ones as legitimate and regular senior government employee of Liberia? The 30-Senators are nothing but an object of total embarrassment to Liberia’s inherent patriotic commitment to service.Political Hot-Fire believes that the so-called 30-Senators should be ashamed of themselves for willfully mortgaging the sovereignty of Mama Liberia in the hands of Cllr.

NdubusiNwabudike. Probably there are thousands and thousands of Nwabudikes’ out there who are direct beneficiaries of Liberian Taxpayer payroll through the work of an unfaithful Liberian Senators who can no longer be trusted as true representatives of the people of Liberia. In a country where foreigners are not only jamming the employment corridors of Mama Liberia with full supports of the Liberian Senate by and through questionable confirmation hearings. This is a clear indication that these types of politicians are weak-minded, potentially poor in their deportment, and lacks the necessary political Charisma to lead as a 54th law-making body, because of Cllr. NdubusiNwabudike is still collecting taxpayer’s checks as chair of LACC in Liberia?

No single Liberian who may have attained naturalization by coincident in neighboring African countries like Guinea, Sierra Leon, Ivory Coast can ever be opportune to be employed Head of those countries’ Anti-Corruption Commissions, let alone to serve as heads of their Good Governance Commissions or to even be considered to serve as Chairpersons of their Election commissions. This will not even happen in faraway Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, or any part of Africa, only Liberia is considered a political dump-site due to the feeble characteristics of Liberia’s lawmakers who lack true patriotism and hard-earned acceptable reputation.

Political Hot-Fire has been told reliably that the 30 members of the 54th Liberian Senate two each from the 15 counties are normally selected based on the plurality of votes. The Senate is the upper house of the bicameral legislative branch of Liberia, and together with the House of Representatives comprise the Legislature of Liberia. Each of the fifteen counties is equally represented by two senators, elected to serve an unbelievable staggered nine-year term-Really?

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These men and women are in the Senate were once among the multitude of countless and traumatized group of individuals who by an iota of change did manage to survive the bloody 16-years Liberian Civil carnage, but used multiple political tactics, strategies including lies and other man-made tricks to win the minds and souls of highly impoverished Liberians who later voted them into office for the sole purpose of sustaining their hold on perpetual power as another source of a quick employment opportunity with a grim hope of overcoming systemic poverty in Liberia by dancing with other counterfeit Liberians. With Jones Mallay

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