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Politics not football

River Gee County Senator Conmany B. Wesseh, says those criticizing him and the political leader of the Unity Party, Ex-vice president Joseph NyumahBoakai about old age should think again, stressing that politics is not football game that requires physical fitness and extra energies to participate.

“Politics is not football game that you will need extra energies in order to be participant in politics here. Liberia now needs experience, mature and intelligent minds to lead at this critical junction of our Country. The argument being raised by my critics concerning my age and the standard bearer is nothing; politics is not for children,” Senator Wesseh counters his critics.

Speaking to this paper via mobile phone, he says the Unity Party is a constituency member of the Collaborating Political Parties that will be a force to reckon with in coming national elections, adding that the Unity Party needs him in such a vital and critical leadership.

Wesseh, who is vying for the national chairmanship of the former ruling UP, notes that when too many young people are put together to lead nationally, at times the country experiences worse time but mature minds would think twice before taking decision.

He stresses that the chairman position of the UP is not for hustlers, who would want to use the position to hustle or who will be sellout to the current ruling establishment for little or nothing. He vows that if given the opportunity to serve, restructuring, branding, reconciliation, and rebuilding of the party will be among his hallmarks.

According to him, some people view him as being anti to the Weah administration. But he explains that the interest of the state matters most than personal desire and that his constructive criticism of the government is needed to right the wrong and move the country smoothly.

Wesseh seems to be the most favorite candidate among contenders for the party leadership. As an elder statesman among the four candidates in the race, he comes to the contest with a lot of expertise but his loyalty to the former VP Boakai could deter some partisans away from his candidacy. Some UP partisans see him as a divisive figure that fuels confusion, while others say he did not fully support the party during the 2017 elections.

Yet still others argue that he has been around for a long time and it is now time for new breed of young people to take over the leadership of the UP.

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–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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