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Politics ripping Liberia

-Cllr. Koffa

Grand Kru County Electoral District #2 Representative Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa is warning Liberians to make healthy choices and curb the politics of self-destruction which is ripping apart the social fabric of society and by extension, democracy.

Serving as keynote speaker during induction ceremony of newly elected officials of the 2019/2020 Graduating Class of the University of Liberia Graduate School last Friday on the main campus of the university on Capitol Hill, Rep. Koffa, who also chairs the House Judiciary Committee said social media is destroying society and pushing patriotism to its lowest ebb.

“You know, we are also at the time, when patriotism in our country is at its lowest ebb. And l say that because the most popular thing in Liberia today, and forgive me for those who may be offended, is the politics of self-destruction. We are more excited to go on the internet and on social media to see what is being said negatively about our countrymen, to enjoy what is being negatively portrayed about them, from our leaders to our friends,” Cllr. Koffa laments.

He urges Liberians to emulate endeavors of the 2019/2020 Graduating Class of the Graduate School. “What that means to me profoundly it represents what you are trying to do here today; we are in an age – in a culture – and in a time when everyone looks to government to do everything.

And when l said government, I mean the embodiment of those who attached with the responsibility to manage the state, parastatal of it and other institutions and organizations such as yourself. But the most telling of who we are as a people, is those things and those times, when we reached to the bottom of what we believe and the wealth of our own individual problems and our own individual difficulties, and reach out to help our country and our countrymen.”

In his inaugural address, the newly elected president of the Graduate School outgoing class, B. Geeplaye Nyenswah commended the University of Liberia Administration for the level of collaboration and coordination enjoy at the university.

Reflecting on the impact and challenges of the global pandemic, Nyenswah encourage his colleagues and Liberians in general to continue to follow all preventive measures and health protocols in order to avoid further spread of the virus in the Country.

He lauds those he terms as frontline soldiers (Doctors, Nurses, Health Workers) who are working tirelessly in the field to save lives in the wake of the pandemic.

Though the virus has greatly affected the world of which Liberia is no exception, he says there is still room and hope for improvements.

Nyenswah at the same time pledges his leadership continuous support, coordination and cooperation with the University of Liberia Administration for the success of project and other meaningful programs and activities in the future.

“Trust, respect, constructive advocacy and many others for which we were all elected to seek your interest and to ensure that your dreams and aspirations will be realized will be fulfilled to the core”, he assures his colleagues.

He expresses optimism for a US$25,000 modern computer lab project for undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Liberia upon full completion soon. Meanwhile, UL President Dr. Nelson encourages Liberians to embrace the culture of peace. His brief message was in concurrence with Cllr. Koffa.

Meanwhile, those who were inducted into offices were: B. Geeplaye Nyenswah- President, Zayzay Miller- Vice President, Lulu Sheriff Kparteh Secretary General and Matidan Badio- Financial Secretary. Others are Mawah Verdier- Treasurer and Joseph Mehdeh Chaplain.

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