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Post-War Reform Requires Urgency – Pro Tempore Jallah Senate Pro tempore ArmahZoluJallah says the reconstruction process of Liberia following years of civil conflict requires urgency and holistic commitment from Liberians. Speaking during the commemorati

Senate Pro tempore ArmahZoluJallah says the reconstruction process of Liberia following years of civil conflict requires urgency and holistic commitment from Liberians. Speaking during the commemoration of the first annual national convention and the hosting of the 56th general Council meeting of the African Union of Architects, Pro tempore Jallah acknowledged that the herculean task of rebuilding Liberia cannot be overemphasized.

“I can safely say that ours is the moment to rejoice in the wake of glaring urgency to rebuild our homeland pillaged by years of civil unrest. We are glad to see you come together and organize to help in the reconstruction drive of Liberia. This nation needs you the most especially at such a time like this to help rebuild its broken walls,” said the Gbarpolu County lawmaker.
According to a press release issued in Monrovia, from the office of Pro tempore Jallah, Architects play leading role in the Industrial Revolution when nations of the world were on the move to reconstruct, industrialize and raise the standards of living for the people.

“You, the architects, have built great civilizations beginning in the Great Nile Valley to the golden heights of the heyday of the Roman Empire; you conceived and brought into being great towers from the Biblical Tower of Babel to the Great Twin Towers of the United States of America,” said Senator Jallah.

The Liberian legislator said the nation cannot afford to innumerate all the achievements in the architectural enterprise in nations around the world due to limitation of time and space, acknowledging that they have fashioned wonders using their hands and minds to create unimaginable and thrilling things and buildings that continue to shock the human minds and thoughts.
“From the Great Walls of China to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, our world was reshaped by the works of renowned architects. Today, I wish to charge you that Liberia depends on your innovations and creativity to rebuild its villages, towns and cities as we enter a New Age. We do not have many high rise constructions in Liberia—a phenomenon which has become older for many countries of the world,” Senator Jallah stressed.

The Liberian lawmaker said for children, seeing a Skyscraper would be a wonder and that Liberian can no longer afford to live in the 21st century like 19th century people, stressing, “The world has changed, and we must therefore change with it”.

He congratulated the Liberia Institute of Architects for the seminar and plans to keep the prospective and talented youths busy working to learn new skills and to perfect their skills in the technical world.

“Your plan to take this forum out of Monrovia is all the more commendable. This idea will undoubtedly encourage more rural youths to take advantage of the opportunity to enhance their skills and significantly contribute to the development of Liberia.

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He assured that the government has made fundamental decision to stand and support them in every way possible to make their dreams for a better Liberia come true. 

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