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Poultry Farmer in Bong grateful for RETRAP interventions

but wants more support

By: D. Adam Togba, Contributor (adamtogba@gmail.com)

Gbarnga City, Bong County, Central Liberia — In the bustling heart of Gbarnga City, Tryphaina’s Poultry and Farm has become a beacon of agricultural progress, boasting over 1,800 chickens and a flourishing vegetable production venture. Under the leadership of Miss Tryphaina Nyahn, this farm has evolved into one of Liberia’s largest poultry enterprises.

The pivotal moment in their journey occurred when Tryphaina and fellow poultry farmers in Bong County received a transformative boost from the Government of Liberia’s Rural Economic Transformation Project (RETRAP). Executed by the Ministry of Agriculture and funded by the World Bank, RETRAP provided 2,000 chicks and essential chicken feed to farmers—a move hailed by Tryphaina as a game-changer.

Expressing her gratitude, Tryphaina, the CEO of her farm and head of poultry farmers in Bong County, acknowledged RETRAP’s contribution, stating, “I am grateful to RETRAP for the intervention, which has contributed to the progress poultry farmers are making in Bong County, especially enhancing the multiplication of chicks.”

Despite her achievements, armed with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and specialized certifications in poultry and vegetable farming, Tryphaina believes there’s room for more growth. “RETRAP should do more with training or building the capacity of poultry farmers in Liberia to further enhance productivity and growth,” she emphasized.

A standout facet of Tryphaina’s work is her unique ability to produce chicken feed, setting her apart in Liberia. She highlighted the need for additional support to expand this aspect of her operations, aiming to provide affordable feed options for her birds and fellow poultry farmers. “I need support to produce chicken feed at a lower cost. It’s expensive, but I want to make it affordable for everyone,” she said.

Madam Deedee F. C. Cooper, a County-Level Facilitator of RETRAP in Bong County, shed light on the project’s vision. “RETRAP is keen on supporting smallholder farmers and agribusiness SMEs in various value chains in Liberia, including poultry,” she stated. Deedee expressed satisfaction with the progress made by Tryphaina’s Poultry and Farm and other beneficiaries in Bong County, highlighting their willingness to share knowledge and experience—a testament to the community spirit fostered by RETRAP interventions.

For the poultry value chain, Tryphaina’s Poultry and Farm stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic interventions. With RETRAP’s support, Tryphaina and her fellow farmers are not only raising birds but also sowing the seeds of knowledge and sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring the availability of unfrozen chickens in Liberia.

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