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Praying For This Kind Of Business – Part 6

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As I indicated in Part I, at a crusade I recently attended, I heard the preacher say, “Are you doing a business or running an organization that is not going well? Come to Jesus with the problem. Is your business or organization taking long to pick up?

Pray about it, and it will pick up very fast. Are you finding it very difficult to attract customers or donors? Pray about it, and you will experience instant progress. The Lord has anointed me to pray for any kind of business or institution that is experiencing any form of problem. Your business or organization will be successful after the prayer. Come forward and ask for prayer. Come. Come forward. Come. Don’t be afraid. Jesus is there for you and your business or organization. Come right now. I am here to pray for any kind of business or organization. Jesus is ready to help any kind of business or institution to succeed. Come right now.”

Quickly, twenty persons jumped to their feet and started walking to the altar for prayers. Everyone, including me, was anxious to hear the kind of business or organization each was running and the kind of prayer that would be offered. I prepared my ears and my heart.

The first person who indicated his kind of business and put in his prayer request was a man who said he had a casket business that was not doing well. He then asked the pastor to pray so that God would create the condition for his business to prosper. Please read Part I.

The second person to make known his prayer request was a man who owned and operated a funeral home. He, too, wanted the pastor to prayer for his business to go, in other words, for more and more people to die so that their dead bodies could be taken to his funeral home. Read Part 2.

The third person to ask the crusade preacher for prayer was an old lady who owned a graveyard land left with her by her parents. She lived on the fee paid by those burying there. She wanted prayer for more burials to take place on the land.

The fourth group comprised two brothers who asked the pastor to pray for situations that would cause them to make progress in their wreath business – selling of funeral flowers.

The fifth group comprised four men, with two asking for prayers for their grave digging business and the other two asking for God to prosper their tomb-making business.

The sixth person asking for prayer was the director of an NGO called the New Anti-Rape Organization (NARO). His prayer request was that God should bless his organization so that more and more rape cases would be reported to it so that he could be able to continuously receive funding from his donors.

The seventh person was an auto mechanic who asked the pastor to pray so that more people’s cars would have problems for those cars to be taken to his garage.

Then came the eighth person, an experienced medical doctor that had his own clinic. It was an interesting press request to listen to. This is how he said it: “You see, pastor, I am an experienced medical doctor. I resigned from the hospital where I used worked and started my own clinic because I know that money is in this business. And I must tell you that from the beginning, I really used to make money because sick people used to flow to the clinic just like that. I sometimes used to treat twenty to fifty patients per day. But guess what? My eating mouth na cut. Patients are no longer visiting my clinic. When I ask many of my patients how they are doing and why I don’t see them, they answer: “We thank God-o. Everything is fine with us. No sickness!” Can you imagine, pastor? You know my family and my workers live on the patients. If they don’t get sick, how will we manage it?

That’s where you come in. Please pray to God to make sick people flow to my clinic. Let measles and chickenpox strike babies and older people. Let running stomach grab most of those in my community. Let unending headache knock them down just like that. Let conditions that will cause patients to come for stitches visit occur non-stop. Let gonorrhea and syphilis patients come. I want patients upon patients. Let malaria cause patients to come in their hundreds. Let motor accident patients flow like water. Let women come with breast cancer problems. Let people be knocked down with severe headache and come to me day and night. Let parents bring their sick babies day and night. Let people come with burnt stomachs, legs and feet. Let people get pneumonia and TB, forcing them to visit my clinic. Let people with all sorts of skin diseases come like flies. Let people just get sick, injured and …”

He was poised to continue, but it was now too much for a man standing not too far from him, a man who had just undergone an operation in which he almost lost his life in a hospital: “What’s your problem? Why pray for such things? Are you out of your mind? Would you be happy to see your children, parents and loved ones get sick just like that? You are a good-for-nothing doctor. Shame on you.”

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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