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Praying For This Kind Of Business – Part I

Okay, there are pastors and preachers having crusades regularly. While many of them are one-day services, some go on for a whole week. In those services – or at least in most of them – the preachers or organizers encourage attendees to submit their problems – personal, marital, professional, health, business, and so forth – to the Lord for immediate solution and transformation.

At a crusade I recently attended, I heard the preacher say, “Are you doing a business or running an organization that is not going well? Come to Jesus with the problem. Is your business or organization taking long to pick up? Pray about it, and it will pick up very fast. Are you finding it very difficult to attract customers or donors?

Pray about it, and you will experience instant progress. The Lord has anointed me to pray for any kind of business or institution that is experiencing any form of problem. Your business or organization will be successful after the prayer. Come forward and ask for prayer. Come. Come forward. Come. Don’t be afraid. Jesus is there for you and your business or organization. Come right now. I am here to pray for any kind of business or organization. Jesus is ready to help any kind of business or institution to succeed. Come right now.”

Quickly, twenty persons jumped to their feet and started walking to the altar for prayers. Everyone, including me, was anxious to hear the kind of business or organization each was running and the kind of prayer that would be offered. I prepared my ears and my heart.

The preacher, over-excited by the relatively huge number of people going up for prayers for their businesses or organizations, continued the encouragement: “Come, I say, come. I am ready to ask the merciful God of heaven to bless your business or organization. Jesus is waiting for you to present your problems.”

The people’s movement and his calls were interspersed with the song “There’s Not a Friend Like the Lowly Jesus.”

At the end of the song, the first man began to talk about his business before asking for prayers. “I am involved in a casket business. I really used to get customers when I started, but now, it is hard. Sometimes, I sell one casket in three or four months.

Please pray for me so that God will create the conditions that will cause people to buy at least five caskets from me every week. I really want for customers to flow to my shop. Let them get in lines for caskets. That’s the prayer I want for my business right now. It is really dear to my heart. Let buyers come from my community and other communities to buy my caskets just like that.

Let people from your church also rush to my shop for caskets every week. Let the very people attending this crusade constantly rush to my shop to buy caskets. I don’t want any inventory on hand. I want my business to go just like that. Pray so that God can bless my casket business. It is what my family and I, as well as my workers, depend on to live. Let my casket business be blessed non-stop. Let Jesus do it for me through your prayer.”

At the end of the man’s prayer request, a sick old woman who had come for healing at the crusade said, “Da kinda thin’ da any good thin’ to pray for?”

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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