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Pres. Sirleaf congratulates Margibians

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 congratulated the citizens and residents of Margibi County on the second leg of her County Tour – acknowledging their consistent support to her administration. She said: “I am reminded by Hon. David Menyongai and by few of the commissioners that as far back as 1997; Margibi County stood by us and because of the consistency of the support you’ve given us, we have come back to say thank you.”

An Executive Mansion release said , President Sirleaf was speaking in Worhn Town, Gibi District, Upper Margibi County during an interactive Town Hall Meeting with citizens and residents.
President Sirleaf said the people of Margibi County have a coalition of leadership that speaks to a large extent with one voice. She said she was impressed by the rationality and commitment of the leaders of Margibi County. The Liberian leader also congratulated the Margibi County Legislative Caucus for their role in the county.
She furthered history, historians, theorists and professors will spend time documenting what she has done or did not do even when she’s gone or not around. She noted that history will judge her but according to her one thing she knows in 11 years of her administration there has been peace and freedom in spite of the disagreements and tensions we had but said the – peace means nobody wants to go to war or conflict.  She urged them to maintain the peace as they go forward with their various development efforts.
She also said that history will remember her for bringing back the reputation of Liberia that was once destroyed and has now been restored; noting that Liberians are once more respected across the world by just presenting their passports – something she said history will remember her for.
President Sirleaf said history will remember her for upholding freedom of speech, press, worship and association – that have spread like wildfire across Liberia adding: “This pace of progress cannot be reversed; Nobody can stop the voices of the women; You will not stop the freedom of the people; You will not stop the development of the people because it is the peoples’ will,” she underscored.
President Sirleaf said the government has created the enabling environment for people to maximize opportunities; To seize their own future and destiny and put it in their own hands – noting: “When you see what is happening around here; we know not everything is being done, but when you see the improvements, some of it coming from individuals, who may be politicians, business people, farmers, teachers; when  you see them improving the places where they live, the places where they work, that sanctifies us – because it tells us the future of the country is bright because the people themselves have taken charge,” the Liberian leader emphasized.
President Sirleaf then pledged Government’s commitment to recondition the road leading to Worhn Town, Gibi District. She acknowledged the remarkable progress already made by her administration but said there was still a lot more to be done before her administration comes to an end in January 2018. 
Ahead of the Interactive Town Hall Meeting, President Sirleaf made several stops along the route to Worhn Town, Gibi District, Margibi County during which she was welcomed and greeted by citizens of Margibi County including chiefs, students, women, men, children, and cultural dancers who lined the route from Paye, Nana Town, Peter’s Town, Weala and Baypolu and Salala Rubber Corporation to pay their respect to the Liberian leader. 
In his welcome remarks, Superintendent John Z. Buway of Margibi County thanked President Sirleaf for visiting Margibi County especially Worhn Town. He praised her for the huge development she has carried out in Margibi County, including the pavement of the Bong Mines and Marshall Roads and the establishment of the County Service Center, among others.
Speaking earlier, House Speaker, Hon. J. Emmanuel Nuquay of District # 5 – Margibi County said Margibians were grateful to President Sirleaf for the outstanding leadership she has demonstrated over the years. He said the people of Margibi remain proud of her especially for all she has done for the County. He thanked the President for committing to recondition the road leading to Worhn Town in Gibi District before the start of the rainy season.
For his part the Chair of the Margibi County Legislative Caucus, Hon. Ballah G. Zayzay, youth representative, Shan B. Menyongai Rural Women headed by Mrs. Esther Clark, for Senator David Menyongai, and Musu M. Yango, Clan Chief, Margibi County applauded President Sirleaf for the level of development that has taken place in Margibi County since her ascendency to the highest Office in the land. They named the County Service Center, women’s empowerment initiatives, the Bong Mines road, Marshall Road, freedom of speech and press.
The interactive Town Hall Meeting was attended by senior government officials including Internal Affairs Minister, Dr.  Henrique F. Tokpa, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister for Administration, Varney A. Sirleaf, LTA’s boss – Madam Angeline Weeks, Eminent citizens of Margibi County, members of Civil Society Organizations as well as women and youth groups in Margibi County.
In a related development, prior to departing Ganta City, Nimba County, President Sirleaf appeared on Radio Geghgimah (Community Radio) to interact and further thanked the people of Nimba County for being good citizens and for keeping the peace. She encouraged them to form part of the ongoing voter registration process and get registered.
President Sirleaf returned to the Capital on Wednesday evening following the conclusion of the second leg of County Tour, which took her to Nimba and Margibi counties. 

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