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Pres.Sirleaf lauds ECOWAS Commission staff

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has amid rapturous cheers, lauded staff of the ECOWAS Commission during a mass gathering at the Commission headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria for their commitment, dedication and service to the organization. 

A dispatch from Abuja, Nigeria said, President Sirleaf met with the President and Vice President as well as Commissioners along with dozens of staff members of the Commission at an elaborate meeting held in the auditorium of the ECOWAS headquarters.
She said the visit to the Commission was enlightening within the context of getting better appreciation of the prevailing operations and functions as well as challenges faced by the regional organization. President Sirleaf said Liberia is proud of ECOWAS for standing firmly behind the realization of last peace. She acknowledged the sacrifices made by ECOWAS to ensure the stability of the country.
Welcoming President Sirleaf, the spokesman of the staff of the ECOWAS Commission, Tony Elumeru lauded the Liberian leader for her exceptional leadership that has turned her into an iconic monument of inspiration. He described President Sirleaf represents a symbol of a female’s true rise to the highest leadership as epitomized by her practical demonstration of great skills and qualities.
He said President Sirleaf is at the center of gender equality in Africa and as such constitutes a vivid cornerstone for women’s struggle and emancipation. Mr. Elumeru said Africa remains extremely delighted about a woman of President Sirleaf’s stature especially so when she continues to make Africa proud.
Making an artistic presentation, the ECOWAS Commission staff – noted that is recognition of President Sirleaf unique history as the first democratically elected female President on the continent; the first unanimously elected Chairperson of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State, and Governments; the first Liberian President to historically become Chairperson of ECOWAS; and the first ever sitting President of the Community to set side her busy schedule and make quality time by personally visiting the ECOWAS Commission to interact with Executives, Commissioners and staff of the organization since its founding in 1975.
In an unexpected move, the ECOWAS staff uniquely presented to President Sirleaf a specially carved artistic cum innovative painting done on behalf of the Commission by Ms. ModupeolaFadugba. The Nigerian artist, also a 2013 graduate of Harvard University, said she was inspired by President Sirleaf’s historical graduation address to Harvard’s 2011 Graduating Class. Ms. ModupeolaFadugba said she remains inspired by the Liberian leader’s extraordinary leadership qualities, which continue to impact women across the globe.-Press Sirleaf

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