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Pres. Weah extends restrictions by two weeks

--Moves “Stay Home” to 6 PM

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The Government of Liberia has announced an additional two-week extension of restrictions intended to halt the spread of COVID-19 in the country.According to an Executive Mansion press release dated 22 May, during the ensuing period, the public is now required to be indoors at 6pm, instead of the previous 3pm. President George M. Weah says the easing of measures became necessary in light of the new global reality and the advice of local health authorities.

Under the updated guidelines, restaurants, stores selling food commodities, dry goods, building materials and electronic appliances, will be allowed to open provided they take in 25% of their full occupancy at a time while observing social distancing.

Mr. Weah has also instructed the joint security to enforce the mandatory wearing of masks in all public spaces and ensure full compliance. The release says the government will take the appropriate legal action in cases of violation of any of these measures.

President Weah has revealed that the new measures will be assessed again in the near future in order to determine their effectiveness and the need for further easing – given the urgency of opening up the economy so that possible shocks from the global pandemic can be mitigated.
Nonetheless, President Weah also says that the preservation of lives remains the foremost priority of his administration, so any future decisions will be made with that in full consideration.

All other measures and protocols previously announced remain in place, the release adds.
The government calls for cooperation of the general public as the country grapples with the enormous threat that Coronavirus poses.Meanwhile, President Weah has named the Ministry of Labour as exempt and instructed the Minister to designate essential staff to report to work immediately.—Press release

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