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Pres. Weah: “Is US$15.000 price tag to identify serial killers a real solution?”

Does Pres. Weah knows he’s the head-of-state, commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia? Does he know that when something serious is happening such as the mysterious killings of innocent Liberians in the land by unknown serial killers he should address the nation? Does he know that addressing his people on issues of importance is part and parcel of his presidential duties and obligations, rather than being tight-lipped on the issue? Mr. President, by being tight-lipped creates a dangerous impression that you are either out of touch with your citizens or you and your CDC-led government know the serial killers or your government is an active participant in these ongoing killings of innocent Liberians in the recent past.

 No matter how it plays out, Liberians are not going to forget these incidents so easily, especially where President Weah has decided to remain tight-lipped on the killing issue. Liberians would conclude that their President didn’t care, he had no concern about human life, and he played down on the values and dignity of Liberians. Many Liberians are becoming very disappointed in their President for keeping Justice Minister Dean and Police director Suede on government payroll when they have no ideas as to how to solve the organized killing sprees in Liberia.

President Weah turned his back on the death of Liberians? The President has forgotten that these are the very grieving Liberians whom he would one day call upon to line up to cast their votes for him in the 2023 elections. How will President Weah feel telling these grieving Liberians to vote for him in 2023? Does President Weah think these very grieving Liberians would vote for him again with all he has done by turning his blind eyes at their plight, at the time when they needed him most in protecting their lives and that of their loved ones, and he failed them?

President Weah should know that in politics, one good gesture deserves another good gesture in return. Grieving Liberians could pay Pres. Weah in the same token as he is doing now. Furthermore, the act of President Weah putting aside taxpayer money in the sum of US$15, 000 to solve the serial killers’ issue is a complete waste of taxpayer money. Those who may have advised Pres. Weah and his CDC-led government to take such a ridiculous decision simply made the CDC-led government appear inapt if though the government has no immediate plan to act.

But who knows, the serial killers could be throwing bodies of innocent Liberians into rivers, creeks, or even in mass graves in some distant forests around Liberia that we may never know.

Pres. Weah and his CDC-led government are currently short on proactive ideas to deal with the organized serial killers’ episode by rewarding US$15,000 to c any Liberian who will identify the serial killer. This move can only be feasible when the CDC-led government has been able to successfully put the killing under perfect control first. The US$15,000 should be an end in itself and not a means to an end.

Why does the CDC-led government have an array of security apparatus using taxpayer monies when they are simply unable to deliver? It is very disgraceful for Justice Min. Dean to authorize a postmortem into the death of John Tubman, Maude Elliot, and William R. Tolbert, III who were all discovered dead in their homes. Why the Justice Minister had not been to order postmortems for the hundreds and hundreds of other innocent Liberians who had been killed in cold blood in the past under the nose of Justice Min. Dean? This is nothing but segregation and division, Mr. Justice Min.

Since the CDC-led government truly does not have any tangible plan to deal with the wave of organized killing in Liberia, especially in Monrovia. The CDC-led government could use part of the US$15.000 to bring in homicide experts and professionals from the US to do the work of Justice Min. Dean and Police director Suede. Second, the CDC-led government should use some of the funds to purchase 500 giant security cameras from the State of Rhode Island, USA to be erected in all crime-prone sites around Monrovia to identify criminals, murderers, kidnappers, and human traffickers.

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Third, the Liberian government should use the fund to input modern fingerprint machines, and forensic instruments to detect criminals. This is how the US$15,000 should be spent Pres. Weah and not award it to Liberians as a price tag to identify serial killers in Monrovia. Justice Min. Dean and Police director Suede are no longer useful to Liberia and Liberians. Booting them out could be a very good idea.

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