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Pres. Weah’s Islamic advisor calls for unity

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The Islamic Advisor to President George Weah, Sheik Usmane T. Jalloh has urged Muslims and Christians in Liberia to rally behind President Weah to development the country.

Sheik Jalloh noted that since Liberia declared her independence in 1847, no past Liberian president or government ever had Islamic Advisor except President Weah so, Muslims in Liberia should join him for unity and transformation.

According to him, the Weah administration has exhibited religious tolerance therefore, he urged both Christians and Muslims to support the President in reconciling the entire country. He said what President Weah has done during three years in office is more than other presidents in promoting diversity and tolerance.

Jalloh disclosed his office has worked out modalities with the Office of President Weah for the promotion of religious harmony, explaining that the government has agreed for both Muslim and Christian advisors to the President to pray at all official functions.

He promised to invite great Islamic clerics here to offer prayers for the country, adding that transformation of Liberia depends on all citizens in respective of religion. Sheik Jalloh admonished youths of Liberia to do away with protests, which he said is not in the interest of the country and its people.

The Islamic Advisor spoke on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 on Carey Street in Monrovia when he received a certification of appreciation from the Center for Intellectual Forum (CIF). CIF President Kelfala told the gathering the certificate is awarded to Usmane Jalloh because of his numerous assistance to the Muslims community.

He said Muslims in Liberia feel comfortable with the CDC government, especially with Sheik Jalloh serving as Islamic advisor to President Weah. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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