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Presidency not for promises

The publisher of Flash Point newspaper, Mr. David Kortee says the 2017 presidential election will not be about promises, but demands “footprints, fingerprints, and records”.

Mr. Kortee, a former legislator who declares himself “Friend of the President”, has cautioned that people must be voted on the basis of what they have done and not on the basis of what they have promised to do.

He told a local radio station on Wednesday, 29 March that he joined supporters of Dr. Jones’ presidential bid as a result of the former Central Bank Governor’s “footprints, fingerprints, and records”.

Mr. Kortee has described as “very wicked, selfish, and discriminatory”, the Code of Conduct which is seen here as serious obstacle to Dr. Jones’ chances of footing in the presidential race.

But Mr. Kortee says he thinks his candidate will not be disqualified from contesting the presidential election, vowing he would come up with 150 reasons why Dr. Jones should be elected president.

He said he has followed Dr. Jones for the past ten years when he served as Central Bank Governor, praising the ex-governor for having performed to the expectations of Liberians.

Mr. Kortee believes that Dr. Jones can do better when elected president, judging from his work at the Central Bank. he cited the renovation of the Central Bank, giving loans given out to Liberians, and establishment of banks around the country as some of Dr. Jones’ footprint.

Prior to Dr. Jones’ tenure at the Central Bank, Mr. Kortee argued that the bank was known for only cashing checks. But after the administration of Dr. Jones, Mr. Kortee says the bank is now serving the Liberian people. Mr. Kortee claims that 99 percent of people in political parties are there for favor or self interest.

By Samuel P. Kamara-Editing by Winston W. Parley

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