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Presidency not vacation job

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Mr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Jr., the son of Liberia’s Vice President who is seeking to succeed incumbent President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf on the ruling Unity Party or UP ticket in the 2017 presidential elections says presidency is not a vacation job for those that are seeking power.

“This is not a summary job; this is not a vacation job, you understand. Leadership is not based on what’s convenient for you today, and what’s not convenient for you tomorrow. When you decide to be a leader among people and so on, you understand their problems, you experience their problems and then you take it on”, Boakai, Jr. said recently at Prime 105.5 Fm.

His father Vice President Boakai has secured the top job as standard bearer to lead the ruling UP to the 2017 presidential and legislative elections in which some 22 political parties and presidential aspirants are registered with few of them in recent times trying to form a single ticket against the ruling party.

The Vice President’s son urged Liberians to pick a leader who has firstly invested in Liberia and got no options elsewhere, saying “this country has to work for all of us” or if it doesn’t, then “all of us” are affected.

Mr. Boakai warned that if the right decision is not made in 2017, Liberia will continue on the path that will have people being frustrated or people not seeing the results they want.

Boakai says he sees the 2017 elections as opportunity for the people to actually come out and make a statement that this is what “we” expect, while also voicing out their dislike with respect to change.

Though he says he does not think Liberians want to go back to the ugly past, he, however, warns of a bit more aggression from the people if the right decision is not made.

“I think that if we don’t make the right choices in 2017, we will continue down a path that leads to people being frustrated or people not seeing the results they want. I don’t think we will ever want to go back to our ugly past. But I think we’re going to see a little bit more aggression on the part of the people,” Mr. Boakai said.

Mr. Boakai argued that over the last couple of elections held here, one would see that when Liberians went to the pools “maybe the presidency” will remain the same, but “you see a mass change” in elections of legislators because the voters know that there are gaps and there are things they want done that are not being prioritized.

He suggested that the reason behind the mass change is because the people know that there are things that they want that are not being prioritized.

“What makes 2017 a bit more crucial is that I truly believe that there’s lots of frustration in our country and I truly believe that there are lot of, you know [passive] aggression among people here. People want to see a lot of things happening and they just can’t see their way forward,” he argued.

He argued that “we” keep on talking about generational change in this country, specifically about young people taking over from the old, yet still, he continued “we see that in many ways many of the opportunities that have been given to young people here to step up, show leadership and actually make a difference have been wasted” because young people have not taken responsibility that they need to.

Mr. Boakai therefore urged Liberians to start making smart decisions by picking the leaders that represent the good in the society.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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