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President Sirleaf Dedicates the Margibi Service Center

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President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has dedicated a newly constructed Margibi County Service Center in Kakata City, Margibi County. The Margibi Service Center is part the government’s Decentralization Platform and primarily intended to bring services closer to the people. The Service Center is a one-stop shop where documentation service relating to permits, licenses and certifications are offered reflecting the same quality and cost in Monrovia.

An Executive Mansion release said, President Suirleaf performed the dedicatory ceremony at the official program marking the former opening of the Margibi County Service Center in Kakata City, Margibi County on Thursday, April 21, 2016.

President Sirleaf acknowledged the presence of Swedish Ambassador who flew from out of the country to be part of the ceremony.She also commended Governance Commission Chairman, Dr. Amos Sawyer and colleagues for bringing their expertise to the table for such remarkable achievement towards Liberia’s developmental goals as well as the enormous contributions and outstanding role played in the process of government’s decentralization.

President Sirleaf commended the people of Margibi County for working with government in realizing such an achievement and pointed out that the people have now become embedded into the County Service Centre.“We are happy to meet that one objective because when we, as citizens set out to do something, and after achieving, we look behind and say that we have achieved that goal – is the commitment that is now behind all of us together.” She noted.

She urged the citizens of Margibi County to take interests in achieving those things that will make them reach their goal. She said her government is challenged but goals set will be met. She stressed the need for citizens and residents to give their fullest support and protection to the upkeep of the Center adding: “It remains an access, and so when you support it, appreciate, and take ownership – it serves you better” President Sirleaf said.

She added, when citizens gave their contributions in support of an initiative of such nature – it is helping to reach the goal. She urged the Margibi Legislative Caucus to impact political decentralization by acting on the Local Government Bill before them for consideration.

She also thanked the contractor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, citizens of Margibi County and all those who contributed meaningfully to the construction of the Service Center stressing; the project is just a small example of a promise fulfilled.

Kakata City Major Mr. Eddie Murphy also seapking at the ceremony, commended the President and the Government of Liberia on behalf of Margibi County. Major Murphy said the construction of the Center will now make easier for services to be rendered to people in the county, instead of travelling as far as Monrovia to acquire these services. He admonished citizens of the county to make maximum use of the facility and avoid taking matters into their own hands, in case they visit the Centre and the kind of service they envisage is not available. The Mayor called on the citizenry not become disgruntled and resort to any acts of vandalism.

Also making remarks was the Chairman of the Governance Commission, Dr. Amos Sawyer who commended President Sirleaf for her vision in decentralizing local governance services in the country. Dr. Sawyer cautioned policy-makers to ensure that the program is not irreversible and urged members of the National Legislature to pass the Local Governance Bill presently before them into law.

For his part, the Chairman of the Margibi County Legislative Caucus, Representative Emmanuel Nuquay, termed the County Service center as a demonstration of a true love of the Government of Liberia to the people of his county and Liberians at large. He said decentralization increases the people’s commitment to the democratization of any nation – noting money placed into the budget for the developments of the various counties is a clear demonstration of a noble leadership.

Also representing Sweden, Ms. Urika Modeers said her government has a very longstanding relationship with the people of Liberia and observed that so far, Liberia was heading in the right direction.  In separate remark, the representative of the European Union said the County Service Center will make it easier for the people of Margibi County to remain in the country in order to access services they previously had to travel to Monrovia to benefit from. She said the EU recognizes the service delivery, which is meant to reduce the suffering of citizens. She cautioned members of the public in Margibi County to take very good care of the facility for their own use.

Acting Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Varney Sirleaf also praised President Sirleaf for her leadership and commitment, adding: “Your vision to decentralize this country is not a mistake and it is not a vision that would lead to destruction.” Deputy Minister Sirleaf urged Liberians to pray for a tolerant leader like President Sirleaf.

President Sirleaf also toured the facilities at the C. H. Rennie Hospital in Kakata, Margibi County where she met doctors and nurses to familiarize herself with conditions on the ground.-Press release

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