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President Sirleaf’s visit to Israel

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President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, at the head of a Liberian Government delegation, is back in the country following a state visit to the State of Israel.

While peace, security and cooperation may have been the crust of her meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, most important about the visit is the good that came from Israel, emphasizing the concrete programs and activities which will benefit the two countries.

Accompanying these benefits is strengthened engagements in priority areas such as security cooperation, agricultural development through innovative techniques and energy. As a manifestation of the foregoing and mark of seriousness, a delegation of Israeli experts is expected to visit Liberia shortly for an assessment as a way of determining the most efficient mode of implementing tangible projects.

What’s more exciting about the ties is the assurance by Prime Minister Netanyahu about his government’s preparedness to provide capacities and work not only with its Liberian counterpart, but the continent’s nations at bilateral and multilateral levels.

We are of the fervent view that considering the strength and capacity of the State of Israel, as well as the ability of its leaders, especially the Prime Minister, Liberia and the sub-region can be assured of many positive things from Israel-Liberia and Israel-Africa relations.

Now that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has led the way with a true sense of Pan Africanism, it is now incumbent on us as governments to approach this relationship with Israel with the highest degree of seriousness, especially when it comes to discouraging and eliminating terrorism and other security threats on the continent – mainly West Africa.

For Mama Liberia, we must all rally our efforts – and not only rely on the administration alone, to ensure the positive outcomes of President Sirleaf’s historic State visit to Israel. Our hope must be revived and remained high at all times devoid of back-biting and wishful thinking about our relationship with the State of Israel.

We must continue to anticipate the immense benefits and values of the renewed Liberia-Israel relations recalibrated by President Sirleaf. This would entail rallying our efforts behind the administration to ensure the positive outcomes of such relations.

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