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President Son, Rep in Near Fist Fight

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The son of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Robert Sirleaf and Montserrado District #10 Representative Regina Soka Teah almost got into fist fight Saturday, as both used strong abusive languages in the presence of President Sirleaf.

It took the effort of President Sirleaf who ordered one of her guards to take the Congress for Democratic Change or CDC Lawmaker away.

The incident which happened during the President’s tour of private projects being undertaken by her son, one of which happens to be in District #10 took place in front of electorates and the president’s entourage. It all started amidst cheers and applauses from residents of the district upon the arrival of President Sirleaf in Clara Town, according to our reporter.

The President, her son and other dignitaries were in the process of exchanging greetings with the crowd when Rep. Teah arrived on the scene and joined in the by greeting President Sirleaf and later attempted greeting Robert Sirleaf.

But Robert refused her handshake on grounds that she has not been a friend (apparently in terms of cooperating with him doing the project construction) and therefore did not warrant his handshake.

“You are not my friend, but I have news for you, I will disgrace you. You are enemy to me, and I will make sure that you loss this seat. In fact, you are considered past Representative of this district. If you win, I will dig my late father’s bones from his grave,” he said.

Rep. Teah “I am not surprise at your behavior. May be that how you were brought up, but anyone you put against me, I will whip massively. You did not get the rightful training from your parents and this is what got you like this. Look for calling me past Representative, I considered this statement as a threat on my life and I will not take it lightly. Plenary will be fully informed of your threat on my life”, she said.

The exchanges between Robert and Rep Teah prompted a section of the crowd to join in using all kinds of invectives against Robert, with some threatening to get even with him.

According to our reporter it was President Sirleaf who brought things under control when she ordered one of her body guards to resolve the problem. Minutes later, Robert Sirleaf was whisked away from the scene to avoid further argument.

According to some residents of the district, there have been some differences between the two prior to the visitation of the President.  David Momo said the feud dates back that few months ago when Robert Sirleaf initiated his project to construct a football field in the Doe Community area.

He told the New Dawn that Robert alleged that the road used for transportation of equipment was block by Rep. Teah on the basis that the road was under maintenance, something that brought tension between the supporters of both Robert Sirleaf and Rep. Teah.

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