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President Weah, Do You Know Liberians Are Crying with Your Name?

Remarkably, Hon. George Oppong Weah, the incumbent president, head-of-state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Republic of Liberia, overwhelmingly won the 2017 general and presidential elections by an indisputable 61.5% score which impressively represents 732,185 total number of weary Liberians that patiently and patriotically voted to officially hire George Weah as the 25th president of Liberia.

It is practically obvious that whenever weary voters vote for a politician or group politicians, they automatically vote for everything those politicians stand for. Those things will include but not limited to their political temperaments, good and bad behavior, handsomeness, open-mindedness, riches, poverty, high or low education, no experience, good or bad deportment, bad and good dress-code, calm and uncontrollable emotion, and good or poor social life and many more. In other words, when one vote for a politician he/she votes for everything said politician possesses.

The same goes for President Weah. Liberians voted for everything he stands for, that includes his education, riches, emotions, experiences, hard work, dedication and many more. This is referred to as a holistic voting package. On the flip side, President Weah may also have multiple reasons to become Liberia’s 25th president replacing the then President Sirleaf after defeating 22 others political parties in the January 22nd, 2017 general, and presidential elections.

But President Weah’s remarkable political quest to seek the Liberian presidency after fighting patiently for over 12-years cannot be equated to what he plans to deliver for the people in Liberia, probably there could be other undersleeves rationales. But it seems that President Weah, current and immediate deliverables are not yielding the maximum dividends in accordance with voters’ keen expectations after the general and presidential elections were held in a joyous celebratory mood. But most Liberians who may have voted for President Weah thought he was going to make manna fall from heaven—that means, every Liberian would have had fish and chicken in their meal every day or they would have eaten chocolate and ice cream for evening dessert and drink milk and consumes eggs/bread for morning breakfast regularly. The voters did not know that President Weah is a human being who has his own shortcomings, weaknesses, and failures.

Those voters who may have viewed President Weah to be a supernatural human are now beginning to lose hope and aspirations in his political future because their definition of manna falling from heavens has not been fulfilled accordingly. In some quick instances, most of those who may have voted for President Weah, their happiness, joy, and enthusiasms have been translated gradually into crisis, enormous hardship, painstaking domestic difficulties, and above all institutional frustrations, this is because they viewed President Weah as a small god.

For example, the living condition in Liberia is rather going from bad to worst under President Weah as compared to the then president’s Sirleaf era. For example, the US rate is skyrocketing at an unprecedented rate which is creating a systemic domestic hardship on ordinary Liberians including those that voted for President Weah. Rice price has doubled. For example, small beg of rice which was US35 is now, US 45 and the big beg which was US 55, is now US65 in most stores. A beg of sugar which was US30 is now US45.

Carton of fish which was once sold for US25 is now US45. The gas price which was US3 per gallon is notUS450 per gallon in most places. Transportation has gone up by 75% everywhere in Liberia which is very serious. Building material prices have gone up by 80% which double the normal price of less than 30%. These little, little things are desperately affecting the lives of ordinary Liberians. Many Liberians are unable to make ends meet in Liberia due to institutional hardship. Some Liberians are virtually unable to even get a meal a day. Liberians in the Diasporas had to double their levels of remittances to their relatives from 10% to 90% increase in US dollar to their family and loved ones simply to make ends meet in Liberia day-in-and-day-out.

Foreigners and unscrupulous business people are intentionally manipulating the Liberian commercial sector at the weakness of the Weah’s government or they are simply taking Weah’s government for granted by hiking prices at will. The Commence Minister of Liberia, either doesn’t know what to do or he has simply lost track of his duties and responsibilities in the Weah’s administration. Though such systemic hardship may have originated from the then Sirleaf government, the current trajectories are becoming definitively unbearable to ordinary Liberians. There is a wealth of abundance shreds of evidence that the Weahs’ government is being manipulated by insiders or outsiders with foreigners laying a major role in the process.

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President Weah should understand that this is not a very good sign for his government. I am sure no Liberian in his/her sound mind is wishing for the Weah’s government to fall, but it seems that President Weah will need to focus on the little things that truly matters directly to the survival of the ordinary Liberians, such as prices for goods, foods, the rate, gasoline, house rent, building materials, gas prices, and transportation. President Weah will need to understand that Liberians who voted for him are also suffering in Liberia. For all intents and purposes, Liberians are not really interested in big and small projects, small or big-time groundbreaking ceremonies, big and small loans and uncontrollable presidential travels and ongoing pageantries. Liberians are interested in price control and the reduction of hardship. The government needs to move quickly to reduce prices, by checking on all goods-oriented businesses and the foreigners.

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