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President Weah fails to exercise leadership

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-Dr. Cassell

President Weah fails to exercise leadership at the Roberts International Airport, the political leader of the opposition People Liberation Party (PLP) Dr. Daniel Cassell has pointed.

Dr. Cassell in a news conference Monday, June 28, 2021, said health workers in charge of COVID testing at the RIA were induced to allow travelers from high-risk countries to enter Liberia.

He accuses President Weah of failure to hold those in charge of testing at the airport liable for ‘criminal negligence in executing their assigned duties.

“It is very unfortunate but so yet real that while we made so much progress in containing the incident rate of Covid-19, over the past several months which largely has been due to lessons on intervention learned from the past Ebola epidemic in Liberia”, he laments.

He says however when those healthcare interventions and public health measures are compromised by greed at the Covid testing entity, as evidenced by reliable and credible sources of individuals traveling from India, considered a high zone, bribed their way from testing for fear of being pronounced positive, which has consequently resulted to catastrophic effect on the lives of the public.

He adds that countries such as Liberia with poor health infrastructure where many of its citizens cannot afford the cost of food and medical services amid a public health crisis of this magnitude can quicken the result of the devastating medical complication and a significant loss of lives.

The PLP leader says it is not enough to hold an emergency cabinet meeting but President Weah’s failure to not hold accountable those in charge of Covid-19 testing at the RIA for engaging in practices that are characteristics of criminal negligence which has resulted not only in the increased incidence and death rates but overwhelmed the poor.

“To protect the public from further reoccurrence, this act of gross criminal negligence on the part of the management of the Covid-19 testing company needs to be fully punishable by law”, Dr. Cassell notes. By Lewis S. Teh

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