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President Weah honors 15 Traditional Chiefs

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For playing a cardinal role in maintaining the peace of Liberia, President George Manneh Weah has honored 15 Traditional Chiefs and Elders as well as Chairladies across the country.

During the ceremony held recently, President Weah said his decision to bestow honor upon the traditional chiefs and elders is due to the role they played individually in maintaining the peace in their various counties.

Presenting gifts on behalf of President Weah to the chiefs and elders at the office of the Traditional Council of Chiefs and Elders over the weekend, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee said President Weah is concerned about the numerous contributions made by the chiefs and elders here.

“We have come to the realization that the peace of this country lies in the hands of our Chiefs and Elders, it is based upon this that President Weah thought to recognize their efforts,” Koijee says.

Among other things, each of the chiefs and elders were given gowns, hat, and stake to walk with, while the Chairladies were given lappers, umbrella and gowns, among other things.

In response, members of the Chiefs and Elders and all the 15 chairladies representing the 15 counties extolled President Weah for the kind gesture and promised to continue doing what is right for the peace of the country.

The head of the Chiefs and Elders, Chief Zanzar Karwar, says the decision of President Weah to invite all the chiefs from the 15 sub – political division of Liberia is a sign of a good leadership ability.

“When you have a good and God – fearing leader, than no number of threats can harm the country,” Chief Karwar says.

He extends heartfelt sentiments to President Weah and his government for being very instrumental and providing them the necessary gifts.

Chief Karwar calls on his members to continue protecting the peace of the country through their advocacy in their various counties.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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