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President Weah Is Running Liberia As It was in 1847

President Weah is no stranger to how Liberia has been run since 171-years ago. The question that arose is how President Weah is prepared to run Liberia differently from how it has been run in the past 171-years ago, is the million-dollar question. There is an irritating tale that revealed that on July 26, 1847, a young African American man who was also a native-born-Jamaican from Virginia named Joseph Jenkins Roberts declared the colony of Liberia in West Africa an independent republic following which he became Liberia’s first elected president.

Part I: In 1847, the definition of government was different. President Roberts and his cohorts were advanced astonishing wealth hunter experts. They turned Liberia into a gold mine in which they dug and stole diamond, gold, and silver. They fell logs, collected taxes in the form of revenues and took such wealth to build the United States and where they themselves lived the best of their lives and compelled poor Liberians to suffocate to death. This form of governance left Liberia grossly underdeveloped by 19 Presidents from (1848 to 1930) with Roberts re-electing himself twice. In those 82-years, roads, education, electricity, safe drinking water, health and infrastructures, welfare were potentially neglected by those political thieves. The 82-Years rule left Liberia in a 258 -million-dollar loan which was stolen through rampant and persistent corruptions with impunity by those 1847 economic thieves.

Part II: The governance of Liberia during Tubman’s 27-years and Tolbert’s 10-years totaling 37-years were slightly identical, with the same corrupt patterns. For them, they introduced their deadly open-door and unification policies that wounded Liberia and Liberians. Those policies gave rise to the influx of millions of dangerous foreigners from all over Africa who came and dug diamond, gold, silver, fell logs and took them to Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and many other parts of Africa etc., etc. In addition, these dangerous foreigners occupied a huge chunk of Liberian jobs around Liberia. These policies left Liberia underdeveloped for over 37-unbroken years there was no roads, no health, no education and no improved living condition of Liberians. Those past 37-years left Liberia with a 390-million-dollar loan which ended up in the pockets of Liberians politicians through rampant corruption pattern.

Part III: The governance of Liberia under the late Samuel Doe, Taylor and Sirleaf combined for 32–years from 1986 to 2018 was also the combination of part I and II of the form of governance in Liberia. During this period, wealth was smuggled to the U.S. as it did happen in 1847, which was easily combined with the influx of huge foreigners who also dug diamond, gold, and silver and fell logs and that helped them to develop Ghana, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast etc. These unpatriotic tendencies exhibited by those so-called Liberian Presidents in the past left Liberia underdeveloped for 32-unbroken years.

Part IV: The governance of Liberia currently under President Weah has taken the pattern of parts I and II with clear similarities of the same corrupt pattern. But conspicuously absent from all the details is the fact that Liberia’s wealth under President Weah is being smuggled this time not to the US, but to other nations like Ghana, Nigeria, and Guinea and other parts of Africa which indeed represents parts I and III. But President Weah is promoting the open-door and unification policies and encouraged the influx of foreigners in Liberia in double-digit which remains unacceptable in the eyes of suffering Liberians. Liberians diamond, gold, silver, logs and iron ore are giving Nigeria, Ghana, Senegalese, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Guineans and a relatively new developmental outlook, while Liberia as a country lies in perpetual ruins.

Most of the foreigners in Liberia like the Lebanese, the Fulanis, Guineans, Nigerians, and Ghanaians are taking the wealth of Liberia to build their countries thus leaving Liberia underdeveloped with the Weah’s government doing nothing to stop such madness. Foreigners in Liberia are stealing Liberia’s resources in double digits as well as create big jobs for their citizens in their respective countries. The foreigners’ objective in Liberia is to print millions of Liberian counterfeit notes and sucks the US dollars out of Liberia as quickly as possible. Aside from that, foreigners are increasing prices of goods to the detriment of Liberian deplorable living condition across Liberia.

Foreigners have hijacked all the foreign exchange centers all over Liberia, thus dictating to how the Liberian economic should be run. Most of the foreigners especially Ghanaians, Nigerians, Guineans, Sierra Leoneans, Togolese and Senegalese currently have huge mining, gold, and silver sites and logging companies to help improve their lives and build their nations while Liberia is left underdeveloped under President Weah. Liberia will remain underdeveloped even after 12-years of President Weah’s tenure. Liberia will be better-off when the foreigners are told to go home and leave the Liberian economics to Liberian themselves.

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